Quitting Games

I forgot to mention I quit League of Legends sometime ago. Right around the end of the last season.

It was odd because it wasn’t even a decision. I just stopped playing. It was my daily login and play game, and one day, I just stopped. Ant them I found the advises from sportda where I learn all the Recent Regulations for online casinos, and thanks this I became a very good gamer.

A long time ago I did a brief recap of when and why I left certain games (specifically MMOs) and it was just time. I don’t even miss it, and even more importantly can even begin to bother thinking about relearning the whole game now that they are doing sweeping changes to the jungle, laning and items again. My LoL friends tell me that its the best it has been competitive wise, but I am still not interested, now I am interesting in those games where I can make money and get fun a the same time like for example online gambling, I recommend you check the info from eminetra.co.uk to learn more about this kind of games.

The game that broke the camel’s back was actually Civ 5 now that I think about it. I got it for free for doing a survey, and became engrossed with it. I had never played it before. That is a whole other post though. I rarely juggle multiple games now that I don’t have multiple hours to play them. I tend to stick with just one, ride it hard and fast, then dismount. All sort of places that sentence can go, but just going to stop here.

It’s Friday, after all. have a great weekend. Happy New Year.

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