Am I a Snowflake?

My experiences with my PC and gaming leads me to think I am unique. I don’t seem to have the problems that the “angry” online populace does. Visat 64? Runs like a charm. Never had a single install issue. I don’t understand all the hate. DRM? Never screwed up on my machine. I am very pro-DRM for that reason. After all, since I don’t have a problem then everyone else must be lying. If I go to a restaurant ten times, and get great service and food every time it automatically discounts anyone who hates the restaurant that went once. They are either mucho-whineros or just want a platform to be angry about. That is why I have a hard time believing all the Vista/DRM naysayers as people who are more interested in proving a point than recounting honest experiences. Now, I am not so closed minded as to believe that not only do I have the only perfect running PC in the world but also that my experiences indeed may be a minority and I am just one lucky sonofabitch. It is hard to discount your own experiences to believe in others.

With all that said, how was your Warhammer launch? Mine was as smooth as pie (or cake, if you tend to swing that way) and blognation seems awful slow the last couple days as people are playing the game, instead of commenting on it. My server was down for 2 minutes when I tried to login my first time (at exactly 12:01) – it was the first one on the list and I believe everyone spamming “Login” at 12:01 on the default server caused the boom. They got it right back up and not a hitch the rest of the day. No queue, no downtime, smooth gameplay, tons ‘o fun, all gravy. Some message boards tout this as undoutedly the champion of the history of all MMO launches (which it better be – Mythic had a lot of other launches to learn from!). I had one friend who mysteriously would disconnect every 30 minutes – but that was the only negative thing I heard. So how was YOUR launch experience? Is WAR a snowflake? Are you?

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  1. Mythic has learned from previous experiences, that having everyone rush into the game at launch is a bad thing. That’s probably why they allowed CE preorders, then SE preorders on to the servers first to help alleiviate the soon to be mad rush of everyone else.

    WoW, DAoC, AO, etc, had no ‘prelaunch’ for preordered CE and SE players and so had thousands of people trying to log on at the exact same time.
    Of course this is all speculation on my part.

    Glad your WAR was a smooth start 🙂 And yes, you are a snowflake 😛 (Where’s Ash’s steak dinner!? :P)

  2. I’ve had nothing but good experiences with WAR since last week. I recently updated my ram and it did the trick! Albiet launch was not perfect but compared to the stability of other game server launches it went of beautifully!

    I hope I don’t end up eating my words after Pre-release ><

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