Minecraft Zen (for you, Tesh)

Tesh often waxes poetic about forms of Zen grinding, and I found it recently in Minecraft. I realized in game I am not a fancy builder – but hey, can I strip mine with the best of them! When a much needed work break opportunity appears, I make 12 stone pickaxes (saving the iron ore for the future) and clear out my already very deep mine.

This evening while doing so I discovered a horriffic discovery.

Not-so-inside-yet-not-obvious-chuckles sure makes for good blogging.

And oh, that picture doesn’t capture the magnitude of how much I have strip mined (it’s well over half way down, and in one of the thinner areas), but I had to catch super chicken in the act. It’s the first animal I have seen this deep… coincidence?

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  1. I’m tellin’ ya… don’t cross the super chicken!

    I had one find me in a mineshaft the other day. Not that deep, but I had jumped into an open natural pit to explore, only to find that I couldn’t climb out when I had dug around for a bit. Naturally, the chicken was there at the upper edge to mock my situation.

    I built and dug my way out after a bit, then, tempting fate, kicked the chicken down the shaft. I’m sure it’s plotting revenge.

  2. I’m still holding off on this game. Mainly because from what I have seen Im pretty sure it will suck my into an abyss of addiction that I have nowhere near the time for right now. Must ..resist…

  3. @MMOR: stop resisting! It’s half price afterall, if you purchase the alpha version (and get freely updated when it’s released). You can thank/hate me later. 🙂

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