Legion Casual Hurdle

I like being efficient with my time. If I have three stops in town I try to pick the route that makes the most sense to get to each of the three without much backtracking. Why go back and forth when you can find a clear path? This changes somewhat if buying groceries is one of the three stops because I don’t want my groceries sitting in the car while doing other shopping / appointments. I just rearrange the trip to factor that in. Same if I have to be certain places at certain times. Might as well think through things for a minute before racing off and wasting part of a day.

I find myself in the same predicament with Legion now. The first hurdle.

Recently my posts have been arguing that there is too much to do – and this very true, to an extent. There are things to do but how efficient of my time is it to do them? Now that my character is ilvl 834 I have some limits on what I do to move forward effectively, and I am now in maintenance mode with my “main” Couchon. My Class quest is done as far as I can (Raid is the next step). My tradeskill quests are done as far as I can efficiently. My Artifact(s – my main and my offspec (Guardian and Restoration)) are as high as they can be efficiently with both being rank 15 (~12,000 AP to level up).

My daily routine now consists of this:

  1. Do World quests for treasure chest (chance to get a legendary). The quests are ok but the rewards are below what I need right now. Typically gives 700(ish) gold plus an 810 item (below what I have in every slot) but a chance for a legendary. 30 minutes of playtime.
  2. Do World Quests for Herbalism (if they are up) – I need a TON of mats to get to the next alchemy step and instead of flying  running around to collect mats (I would do it if I could fly..) I wait for any quests that award me 20/40 herbs and are saving them up that way.
  3. Do daily Heroic if there is a reward for queuing as healer or tank – I don’t have many upgrade opportunities in heroics but I still enjoy 5 mans – I still haven’t received an upgrade through heroics that I can recall
  4. Do world quests for gear upgrades (if there are any) – there are some 835+ gear options through world quests if you pay attention, so that is what I look for.

If there aren’t any of the above, I have nothing to do. Grinding artifacts at~12,000 per point when you get 90 to 410 AP for quests / world quests is highly inefficient. If I wait a few more weeks my Artifact Research (currently level 4, 140% of AP gained) I will get double or even triple that. So why grind it out slowly when with some patience, it will come much easier? The shot at a legendary is so difficult, that even that seems like not the best use of time – but going for that shiny orange gear is too good of an opportunity to turn down.

None of this is a complaint. This is where I am at as a player until such time I can try LFR or something else, major happens. This actually makes me happy because now I have an even better excuse to go play my Rogue.

Rogue-ing It

I was so tempted. So VERY tempted to buy another boost to 100 for my Rogue, since I wasted mine on what I thought I wanted to do with a ranged Hunter. WoD content was dry compared to Legion and my time is at a premium. I was also justifying it much so because I have 4 months of free wow ($60) from playing the game already with the WoW Token. It made sense to boost in my mind but I had a tingling in the back of it - what if I hated this boost as well? I needed to play more of the Outlaw rogue before making that commitment. I had full rest XP, level 92, and a night off. I went to work.

I was fortunate that my Garrison upgraded to level 2 as there is a 30% XP boost potion to buy, for very cheap resources (100). As I was flush with cash from my Legion antics I also upgraded all of my Heirlooms to go to level 100. I didn’t bother with quest texts and did my treasure hunting during my travels in Draenor (nice touch on the rogue, and 40,000 xp per find (7% at the level I was at)). The result was surprising. Level 97 in two hours. Plus I don’t even have flying in Draenor. With three levels to go and a lot of potions left I am really glad I put in the effort it because I DO love the Outlaw Rogue mechanics (yay Randomization as a core game mechanic) AND I saved myself $60. Patience can be a virtue after all.

Blizzard Fanboy level +1. Just don’t tell my EQ friends.

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