Darkest Dungeon EP3 : The Group Fights (With Each Other)

[Reminder: clicking on the picture opens a new tab with an expanded view. The pictures are set to scale with the browser and I noticed on mine the text is a little small to read]

Columbo style: we had a very successful third run through the Ruins. Syncaine, GrumpyElf, Myself, and Leo. I chose another Skirmish level to keep it simple and work the team up levels. I have a couple “tutorial” slides still – things I missed in the first two play throughs – but then we get to the nitty and gritty fast!

The mini map here shows a successful “scout”. Scouting can occur when you enter one of the big rooms – and it literally shows every item in between and in rooms around you. Sometimes I have only seen a single line and room, but here they get 4 rooms and pathways. This is really handy (obviously) as you can disarm traps this way, and see what sorts of issues you are going to run into depending on which way you go. You can’t force a ‘scout’ check it just seems to happen.

The above slide is to show an attack animation – they are pretty simple and both attacker and attacked jump to the forefront, the attack animation plays, and damage is shown in numbers. Any genius guesses on what the red skull means?

Good confidence when your healer exclaims they need a healer. Sorry Leo, you are the one and only healer in here. Suck it up! Midway through this Ruins run the entire team lost it. It started with GrumpyElf and juat spiralled everyone else. It was an interesting combination of Paranoia and Abusive traits and I am happy to do a montage of the back and forth arguments the team had while we attempted to finish up the dungeon run.

GrumpyElf went over the edge first and really did the word “Paranoid” justice. What got even more interesting (and fun) was when the other three became ‘Abusive’ and weren’t really loving the whining of GrumpyElf. GrumpyElf is a big chatterbox and was really dragging down the morale of the others. The fun one is the last one he said there “Don’t you touch me” – this was during an attempted heal by Leo, which he refused (and needed) – goes to show the real kind of impact the stresses can have on your gameplay. Sometimes the characters become uncontrollable and do things such as attack random targets, pass their move, etc. Calamity!

It spiraled into total jibber jabber of everyone talking back and forth as we plowed through the dungeon.

Feel the love, feel the love. Thanks Syncaine! Syncaine definitely has a sarcastic tone to his put downs.

Even I got into the action but that is a pretty weak dig on a Leper (although very accurate) The good news is that we actually cleared the objectives and won, everyone with a full stress bar and several mental issues to sort through. The bad news is everyone I have is recovering except for three people.

Compounding that bad news is that I spent my upgrades in the wrong spot. There is no way to advance time (that I can tell) to get my other party members back except to do another dungeon. This next one will certainly be extra challenging with only three characters (and no “tank” to boot) but I did add our first Occultist, Tesh  who has the biggest single target heal in the game that I have seen so far. I need to get them far enough into the next Dungeon to at least expand my roster so I don’t pay for the resource mismanagement mistake.

Murf, here is your time to shine.

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  1. Well at least I survived! Wonder how many quips are in there 🙂

    Sounds like a neat game (sure is making the rounds on the interweb). Once it launches i’ll have to pick it up, though I’d guess that’s fairly soon.

    I did the same in all my xcom runs (even in the 90s), attaching names to the folk. Makes you more invested and willing to put buggers in tough spots. Like that ass in high school, he was my scout. For like 2 missions and then got impregnated with alien bugs.

    1. It was hard ro catch them all with the screenshot button but i did find an option to extensmd them by 2 seconds. It is really fun and we havent even made it to boss battles or other dungeons yet. I like that it plays on my Surface too.

      The personalization does make it more fun, much like the XCOM game as you mention. Most games that you can edit like that do.

    1. 🙂 with all the good happening to you I fear you will be the first to go. Just because that seems to ve the way the game goes.

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