It’s not pretty. I have zero artistic or architectural ability. I do have patience, however.

I got the LINE tool (which is quite the grind) which requires tier 3  crafting stations. This makes roofs easy to make. Basically its great for slopes, ramps, etc. So, armed with all(?) of the tools in game currently, let’s build. here is how she looks so far.

That view is from the back. The left side is a chimney (complete with fire) and the little left side ramp is a basement carve out through the mountain where I put all of my crafting stations. The engine is really good for when you extend anything into the existing geometry, it fits it in really nice.

This is a picture of the inside:

That’s a fireplace with copper around it. Yes, it does look warped – I was messing around and testing the shape tool. The game does right angles so well (and so much) I wanted it to look old and weathered. Lots of work to do in that regard. There are prefab chairs, carved table, and iron pitcher (full of beer, I promise you.) The wall pattern is standard stone, and the floor is “granite”. I am going to do some mantle work (etc.)

My place has no windows, and I’m sorting out how I want the door to look. Once I sort that I’ll get better pictures. I really just planned on teasing you this far.

Oh, the bottom HOTBAR?

In order: My Gold Axe Veridium Mining Pick, Shape Tool, Add Tool, Delete Tool, Smooth Tool, Line Tool, Paint Tool, and Heal Tool.

This last view may give a better idea of how high the plot actually is. That brown rectangle dangling in midair is a sifting tool that just decided to stay there. Again, this is chimney/crafting patio side from almost on the ground (still up a hill, definitely not sea level!

As much as I love my mountain top, when water finally makes it into the game I’ll be building lakeside. Always been my dream.


  1. bhagpuss

    You’re ahead of me. I am just about to make my Viridian Pick this morning and the Line Tool comes after that. I haven’t bothered to make any axes at all – I’m still using the Founder’s one since it chops anything. Is there any real advantage to the Gold axe?

  2. Isey

    Get a copper axe for sure – I did go gold as well (and got a rare) they both help with burled wood so much – they have greater reach than the founders meaning you can chop the biggest trees really easily without having to get weird positioning.

    Also – craft the rings that give you +discovery – that helps immensely with all sorts of rarest (elemental, burled) I just got the next forge up (alasomethingorother) and am now piecing together the next bench. Sadly, I am away for work and don’t have my gaming rig – so I won’t be “progressing” this week.

  3. Isey

    PS – the line tool changes how you build. Learning all sorts of amazing things =)

  4. Mehlan

    an offtopic request, but how many of the old pen folx are running blogs, or using fb to maintain contact? I’ve kept up/in touch with Braack/Bile, but about it.

  5. Isey (Post author)

    That’s it for me too. Just the three amigos =)

    Torrential has a blog but I don’t think he updates it anymore (called the MMO graveyard…) It was more a project to put old toons to rest after you were done a game.

    I also was in tough with some of the Hibbies who went to EQ2 Testserver for a bit, but lost touch.

    Last I saw Zarbix was the WAR beta test.

    That is all of the top of my head =)


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