I’ve been doing a bit of housecleaning around here and have tagged some of my blogroll with a new designation -WRIP. Writers Resting In Paradise! It’s over half the list now itself. I spent a lot of time clicking, reading, and commenting on those blogs even though they haven’t updated in 6 months or longer (my random chosen timeframe for the WRIP designation.)

I like to keep them listed there as a sort of homage to my personal voyage in blogging and who knows, maybe they will come back! Even if they don’t I really appreciate the part they have played in my own (in) consistent blogging efforts.

On that note – any recommendations on who else to be reading these days? I try to randomly choose links when I visit other blogs, but sometimes a straight up recommendation is just better.

Enjoy your weekend and don’t worry about the WRIPs – paradise sounds nice.

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