Six Shooter Screenshots are Serious Business

Tagged by good friend Tesh over at Tish Tosh Tesh, us periphery folks are now part of the fun. Like Tesh, I’m not going to follow the format as directly. Unlike Tesh, I don’t keep a lot of my screenshots so finding any was quite the effort. I have two problems with screenshots – I uninstall a lot of games when I am done (despite having enough storage capacity) to keep things tidy and organized on my PC (something I am sure my wife would appreciate me doing in real life org skills, you should see my desk) and usually when I take a screenshot it is quite by accident. This would have made for some great screenshots if only I had saved them. So, after digging through old files, here is what I managed to find.

Pics after the break.


This was my old WoW Raid UI as a shaman. I *think* it is clean compared to many I have seen out there, but of course I haven’t seen any new ones in a long, long time. Healing is serious business in raids, as we all know.

Ah, DAOC! Waiting for some stinking Albs to leave the comfort of their little Emain Macha fort to taste my giant 2 hander. Of course, I could just be “scouting” for my team, relaying enemy troop movements and such, because of course that is serious business.

I must have taken this out to flex my almighty serious business ePeen – yes, I’, #1! I’m #1! I may blow that up and frame it and hang it above my desk.

Ah, Eve. I have never subbed to it but have done many trials. It is such a sweet looking game! Pity I never had the chance to screw anybody over in it. I guess that’s where the real fun is in that one. Conversely, I have never been screwed either. In Eve.

This is what happens when you try to Revive an enemy in BF2142. Notice the lifeless body, limbs limp to the sides. That isn’t just from poor animation or graphics techniques either. Tip: use a gun. Much easier than a first aid device.

My first real raiding main in WoW, the resto druid. This was taken recently after I did a nostalgic tour of WoW on my old favorite character. This is the entrance to UBRS (no longer locked) which was the first “guild run” I did while looking to join the guild I ended up being a GM of for BC (we were Grey Rangers in Vanilla WoW). I am amazed at how WoW, for all of it’s simplicity and low requirements, still has such great environments.

Sadly, that’s IT. That is basically all of the screenshots I have on my new PC after 10 years of hardcore MMO gaming. I have thousands of pictures of family and friends (due to my wife) – I have never been a big picture person to begin with. In keeping with the spirit of screenshots I am going to tag Pope and GTB since both haven’t updated their blogs in a while, and I am especially curious what Pope’s Law School friends will say if he follows through and makes a gaming post. Besides, everyone else I read has already no doubtedly been tagged.

Thanks for the push Tesh!


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  1. Wow. You don’t need the UBRS key anymore? I was one of those in demand on our server who actually had a UBRS key. It was a good way to make a quick 50g or so in the old days.

    “LFM UBRS. Need key. Will pay.”

    /w I don’t want to run UBRS, but I’ll unlock the door for you. Can I get a Summon?

    /r Awesome! Thanks, man! One summon coming right up!

    I’d also offer to unlock the door without mention of payment, and inevitably someone would open a trade window and tip me 10g. Of course that was back when 10g meant something, and a 1000g Epic Mount was a really big deal 😉

  2. Yup, they also removed the mallet requirement to summon Gah’zrilla in Zul’farrak. I suppose they realized to make things a tad easier on the lowbies trying to catch up to the end game.

    I’m sure there is a ton of other tidbits too, if one were to look =)

  3. I was hoping you’d come up with something. 😀

    Now I want to check out the EVE trial. And play WoW’s trial again.

    …maybe this wasn’t such a good idea…

  4. I’m back in WoW too. Sigh. That’s my next post =)

    That pic made me want to try EVE again too. I haven’t checked it out since the latest “update” either.

  5. Heh. I’m secure enough in my grumpiness that I can say with no other prevarication that I’d happily play WoW if I didn’t have to pony up a sub for it. It does a lot of things wrong, but it does enough things right that I’ve enjoyed it whenever I played it, despite the flaws.

    Plus I need more screenshots. >.>

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