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  1. Alamo’s guide to the durid remains one of my all-time favorite forum posts. That and “You will melt faces as a shadow priest in PVP.”

  2. Yup, Alamo was a true inspiration to all of us old time druids. Back before were were good at being bears and cats =)

    I am looking forward to the Night Elf versions (released next week) and also the promise that soon ™ they will also get to the owlkin and tree forms. No word on the travel forms, which is a shame because they both stink =)

    I still wish they had some way to have gear reflect on the animals – an armored bear would look even sweeter =)

  3. I’ve always liked druids. This makes them even better, visually.

    Now, if only I could dual box and set up my feared Hunter/Druid combo… but then, I guess I’d have to *pay* for the game, too, huh? Meh.

  4. Worse. You’d have to pay for it twice.

    Although, if you got the wife playing it would eliminate the dual box need 🙂

  5. While it would be incredibly awesome to get my wife on board and play together, there’s no way it will happen. She never really did like Guild Wars, and that game cost all of $5 to get her up and running. (I love Black Friday sales.) WoW would be a much harder sell, both for the sub model and because she’s not a fan of games where you kill stuff. So… most games.

    Still, it would be great fun to be the bear to compliment her Hunter, going about in the wild, munching on eeeevil wildlife. 🙂 Maybe that’s what we’re doing in an alternate universe, and I can take consolation in that thought.

  6. My wife wouldn’t touch it with a 10 ft pole, even though my guild was filled with Female/Married/Couple/parents with kids games. She is afraid her addictive nature would take over. I am probably in much better shape because she didn’t play – but I sure did try.

    I think the guild I am in WoW has spawned 10+ kids since it’s inception at BC. Heck, can do 10 man instances!

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