WoW has Two Tier Health Care

You need treatment. You can wait two hours for a doctor to see you, or move to a low population hospital for free, where you were certainly see a doctor and get treated much faster on a more regular basis. 

The free ambulance ride to the other hospital takes 24 hours. If you pay us $25 bucks we will get you there in less than half the time.

Guess it’s true, you really get what you pay for.

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  1. My laptop can passably play WoW in solo environments. I really wanted to check out the DK stuff, so while I was plugging away at work last night I went into server Que. About a two hour wait. So I decided to check the free transfer service to send an underused level 60 character just so I could boot up a DK and see the “Experience”. It was a 24 hour wait for a free character transfer, only 6 for a paid.

    When people can’t play your game because of your server caps, you should probably at LEAST make the service comprible in time. I know, don’t look a gift horse in the mouth (etc) but not being able to play a game because of developer side limitations and telling me flat out that if I paid then they would fix the problem faster was troubling.

    Result – didn’t wait in Que, didn’t transfer, didn’t play. Will probably give it a couple weeks until things calm down.

  2. Tangentially, I’ve been meaning to check the census to see how many low level players are puttering around this week. I suspect that Wrath didn’t bring in many new players, but I’d like some data to back that assertion.

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