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I have a dirty little secret – I freelance some articles for a PC magazine (nothing cutting edge like, uhm, this blog or anything, but class and levelling guides and the like). I will write a different post about that experience as it has been fun and interesting at the same time. But for now, in typical freelance writer fashion, I am pushing a couple deadlines (that are pushing back) and I need some models. No previous experience necessary.

I am out of town on business and this laptop doesn’t allow me to play anything half decent. Which means, while my articles are pretty much all spiffed out and done, I can’t get the necessary pictures to accompany them. Which is why I am calling out for a little assistance.

I need in game pictures of Ironbreakers, Engineers, Runepriests, and Magus – (which one of these kids is doing their own thing?) In action, standing around, in compromising positions – whatever! High resolution preferred. Cleaner the better – no UI’s/Names etc where possible, but at this point I’ll take a good look at anything. I bet you are wondering what you will get out of it, besides helping such a great person such as myself <pause for laughter> and the definite global karma bonus – I will caption your character’s name in (everyone wants to be famous!) unless you want to remain anonymous. Please email action shots to

Since I just published my gmail account I am sure I will end up on a bunch of spam-lists too – hey, with great responsibility comes great sacrifice.

And, no Tesh, Puzzle Pirates characters don’t count. Not for this month anyway.

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  1. Why can’t you do something for WoW? I have great screenshots… including one of Supertank(ed) in Alterac Valley, dual-wielding Cookie’s Tenderizers

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