Another Brick in The Wall : Warfronts

Well, the Warfront scenario in Battle For Azeroth is an interesting one. It’s a play on the old RTS game, and plays out kind of like a League of Legends style MOBA with 20 live “actors”. It was kind of fun a few times, too. Challenge is that it completely negates Mythic 0 level content and below.

I find it strange in some ways and good in others. For example, you are guaranteed an ilvl 340 item everytime. There must be bad luck / duplicate protection because while I did get some duplicates I was able to get a full set of gear, plus weapons for both of my specs, in a single day. It was a slog/grind as the average Warfront seems to go 30-45 minutes but my main character is at their gear “max” for the content I do outside of doing an LFR weekly. The gear you get is also titanforgeable as I received pieces between 340 and 370 ilvl. It is a “can’t lose” scenario. You always win. There is no challenge. Yes, there are ways to optimize the experience but overall it’s just free gear.

Compare that to Mythic +0 which gives 340 gear, but does not have a LFG component and there is more pressure to perform in them. If you don’t know what you are doing you can lose those.

Heroic 5 mans give base 324 gear. Warfronts basically took away the usefulness of doing a 5 man dungeon. That is a lot of content negated so early in the expansion.

The downside? Well, it’s not really engaging or compelling content after the 10th time, and also well, just look at me.

another pawn in the Alliance game

I went from an independent hero of the Alliance – a Druid of the Cenarion circle, to just another pawn in uniform. Godawful colors at that too. Good news is that they are launching new armor sets with new Warfronts (and a Night Elf themed one is due in 8.1) but really, with the same ilvl of gear it will be a transmog +titanforge hunt at best.

With the chase for gear out of the way that just leaves the hunt for Reputation which does unlock some higher gear at exalted and gates recipes for the (mostly useless) professions. This gear up mechanism is so effective that I really am just waiting for the Horde to get it back now that my Paladin is ready to go because there is no point in chasing small upgrades when Warfronts gives you them every time. The end result will mean less tanks, healers and players in general doing 5 man content and most mass queuing up for the Warfront. Heck, with 4 days left on my subscription I started levelling my Shaman because there isn’t much point in spending time on my “mains” once the daily emissary is completed.

The WoW routine is getting set and pretty simple so far, and unfortunately not in the engaging, exciting way Legion did it. At least when you did emissary quests you had a chance for something exciting – a legendary item! Now you just get some azerite, gold or an item you already out level, and some rep. Doesn’t really scream “play me”.

In other news, I am reloading WildStar to see what I can see there before it is gone. Will be a tossup on whether or not I renew my sub for WoW or just wait for 8.1 and the new story, Warfront,  and excitement that could bring.

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  1. I believe it’s feasibly possible to lose, but 10+ would need to go AFK. It’s interesting. But another aspect of the current design that once you have what you want from it, there is no need to go back.

    1. that’s that’s why I don’t really get having multiple warfronts going at the same time I mean unless they’re going to up the gear or something for each warfront but then people would just use the top warfront. Makes no sense at far as content goes unless you really like transmog. Which I do like transmog except I hate how expensive it is should be free. I am a socialist!

  2. I am trying so hard to come up with ideas on how to improve the game as it is atm. I know what I dislike, but I struggle finding suggestions, like, exact ones, to know what needs to be implemented to feel as engaging as Legion did. It seems the systems that are new in BfA does not really get the job done and hook us, at all. In Legion I did not mind as much grinding the rep, but I stare at my rep bar and see them at Friendly still, and I do not bother. I don’t get why, or what happened. Did I grow old? Maybe I need a To Do list…I don’t know, honestly!

    I agree, those colours are awful for Night Elves. The datamined set from the new Warfront in Darkshore is also hideous. Freaking gold and blue everywhere. I have my hopes up for the specific heritage (is that the name?) armor for Night Elves eventually. I really miss Tier sets :/ And Kilts or Robes as a Druid. I dislike SO much having to wear the exact same gear as a Rogue and Demon Hunter. That makes no sense! (I know I do not HAVE to wear it, but, you know?)

    Also…Hm, maybe I do have some ideas for what exactly to do to improve BfA…Food for thought, a post for later.

    I’m sad to hear your subscription runs out soon; I have really enjoyed your blog so far, and would hate to see less from you. Another reason for BfA to start doing better! 🙂

    1. I’ll keep the blog going regardless and I’ll definitely be back for 8.1 – I have a couple tokens so might keep one more month up to see if 8.1 drops. I’m torn, and the rep grind isn’t fun. If they put in tabards for dungeon rep gains I’d be back in a heart beat but as of right now not much content for me to enjoy.

      Although pet bsttles, I never tried that…

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