Sad Ending : Telltale Games

I have really enjoyed several of their titles – especially the original Walking Dead series and The Wolf Among Us.

The company is effectively shutting down after finishing off the latest Walking Dead game.

Oddly enough, there isn’t a reason given that I have read. Mashable has a story up.

It seemed like a successful company with a lot of acclaimed titles – big names too – including Game of Thrones and Batman.

I can only guess that the cost of licencing must have been a downfall. Either that or mismanagement.

As always, best of luck to the 225 people laid off (from 250) finding work to support yourselves and your families.

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  1. My wife is completing her degree in accounting. There have been a few courses on business accounting. And reading through a lot of the course material, I would have to say probably bad business planning. People think that companies get away with a lot as far as the IRS goes. That’s really far from the truth, unless they are very smart, they can owe a great deal every year in taxes. It’s great to think you’re making money hand over fist, until the tax bill, health care, state taxes, it’s an endless outlay of cash.

    1. Looking at the statement it appears they were trying to change the structure of the company which I’ve learned is a very costly thing to do. It’s a shame, but what I’ve learned about creating a business is that you really need to know what you foresee in the business 5-10 years down the road.

    2. I run a business in Canada, where our effective corporate tax rate pushes 40% and personal income taxes over 200k push 50%. We know taxes well and have to operate with that.

      Still, the living standards and health care is very much worth it – although our current government is (like many others) amazing at waste.

      I still wouldn’t trade it just hope future governments are a bit more fiscally responsible.

  2. Seems that rumors are pointing to licensing costs being higher than the game returns. Which would go with poor financial planning if this applies to more than 2 or 3 releases.

    Hope the majority land on their feet quickly.

    1. Those games will gwmwrgen revenue for years to come. Curious where that goes in the end. Thierry stories are very well done and a shame they couldn’t stick to smaller brands with story depth. They licenced some of the biggest IP that exist on a niche gaming style.

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