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My subscription lapsed yesterday and even though I have tokens in hand, there isn’t much reason for me to log in. I am fully up to date on the Alliance War Story, and fully geared as I can be as a non raider. There are no more goals to hit for me – the boring, repetitive emissary quests for Rep for items I don’t really care about are not a draw. I sitll have rep to grind to finish the war story on the Horde side but that is a week worth of “work”, and I will pick that back up when I do resubscribe.

I definitely plan on it. Whenever 8.1 hits and more story and things to do surface. I have no clue when that patch is going to drop but it is on PTR now so probably not long.

What to do until then? I had planned on WildStar when there was no end date mentioned. November 28th has been announced, and I’m now less enthused because I don’t think I can do or see the things I want to do there in that time frame. Perhaps it is best left untouched, as nostalgia often is.

I am tempted to go finish levelling in EQ2 – I had a great run there not that long ago and really enjoyed it. It did start to grind on me a bit, but I think that is because I didn’t do an 5 mans. Now I have no clue if they even have a LFG tool, and if they do, that could really open up getting to the finish line there. Again, no clue, and this is my “put out an EQ2 question to the universe instead of google” and wait for Bhagpuss to respond (as he often does in EQ2 cases). Thanks in advance.

Any PC single player games out there that are worth playing that have an ending?

This mid game Limbo is never fun, but always works out in the end. Any ideas?

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  1. Dead cells. Divinity 2. Tomb raider. Or run through GOG.

    Or pick up monster hunter world. It can easily be played solo and there’s new free content every 2 to 3 weeks

      1. Haven’t tried it on PC yet. My ps4 copy works well enough for now 🙂

        I can’t see how people could play it without a controller. It’s about 3d movement reflexes, not about aiming.

  2. Vampyr was pretty good if you haven’t played it yet. Also I feel it is my duty to mention Oxenfree any time someone is looking for game recommendations. It’s very short — like four hours for a full playthrough — but it’s damn good. Like TSW and Life Is Strange had a baby.

    Next month Aion is going to have a huge update that supposedly revamps the game from top to bottom. IDK if that interests you, but I’m thinking of checking it out.

    1. I liked Aion at the beginning but didn’t play it long. Might be interesting to check out again! 8.1 will probably be or before then but their for putting it on my radar for the future.

      1. I have a similar relationship with Aion. I only ever got about as high as level 30, but for whatever reason it’s always had a special place in my heart. I kind of want to give it another shot.

        Oh, also, on the subject of other games to try, I know you mentioned you haven’t played ESO. Not sure how much you want to invest in an unknown game, but if you get Summerset within the next week or so, you’ll unlock some really impressive (cosmetic) rewards just by logging in.

        1. It’s hard for me to invest in ESO right now with so many already-invested in options to toil around in (LOTRO, TSL, EQ2, EQ, etc.). Someday I will though. =)

  3. As I said in a comment at TAGN, I really know nothing about the group game in EQ2 any more. I play pretty regularly but I treat it as an online solo RPG with other players acting mostly as as talking scenery (and as vendors).

    There is some kind of LFG tool and I have used it but it was so long ago I forget how it works. I don’t believe it was ever very popular. There is a huge amount of activity in general chat and/or the LFG channel if that’s what it’s called, with people forming groups and recruiting but it’s almost entirely at the very high end.

    Every year there’s a months-long event in which Ethereal adornments drop along with Ethereal coins to buy them from vendors. These are deemed essential to all serious endgame activities so for months all I’ve seen is people recruiting for “coin runs”. I haven’t ever tried to join one – maybe someone who knows the Heroic (group) game might enlighten us both as to how they work.

    As I recall, Daybreak did add a mechanic that alows undergeared players to get a boost to join this kind of activity and I believe it was quite well received but i don’t know much more than that. It must have replaced the “Level Agnostic” dungeons that were popular for a couple of years. Those allowed anyone from something like Level 20 to Level 95 to group together (different system to mentoring and much more successful at matching everyone’s power levels). I did a couple of those and they were fun but I don’t think people do them much any more.

    If you want to group below the level cap I suspect you’ll either need like-minded friends or guildmates. You could try recruiting in chat though – I do occasionally see people below max level trying to start groups but i don’t know how successful they are.

    Try it and then blog about how it goes!

    1. I figured as much. LFG is such an easy way to hop into fun content that I am somewhat surprised that others don’t copy it fully – but it’s also fair that WoW is generally built around doing that content so it is more of a priority. I am fully updated in EQ2 and time to re-learn what I had to re-learn last time. EQ2 is definitely one of those games that is daunting, so many abilities and ways to play.

    1. I don’t think you would like it. I do mostly because of nostalgia, and don’t stay long on my visits. There is definitely no hand holding and a sense of wonder if you have the patience to get through the first few levels!

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