Blizzard to get Bailout Package!

Sorry, working on my Fox News type headlines.

With all the fun stuff going on in the markets, it’s nice to see the US banks getting a 700 Billion bailout package while continuing to freeze credit lines and stop lending credit altogether. It’s a good thing these guys didn’t help create their own situation with terrible lending practices, or that would be a kick in the nuts to the average citizen. (I did my major in Economics, so before you call me a complete noob, I do understand how it works. It is the perception that is going to piss off the average person.) The no strings attach approach is very short sighted though. Next up? The big 3! I wonder if the unions will go on strike if they don’t get a pay raise once Ford, GM, and Chrysler get their loans from the US government. (At least they are loans. Hey, it made the US people 300 million when they loaned out to almost bankrupt airlines, so this one has a chance of being sensisble. *chance*.)

In completely unrelated news, Blizzard got their 555 million dollar bailout package today, cleverly codenamed ‘Wrath of the Lich King’. Those financial folks crack me up with their fun little names. Let’s see if the servers hold.

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  1. I’d call it more of a “stimulus package” as opposed to a bailout. It’s still taxpayer (subscriber) subsidized, though, so perhaps it’s not all that different. If it does crash servers, though, I’m going to be happily calling foul on the whole “$15/month is for maintenance” line. Guild Wars spent dev money and time making beautiful server tech, without sub money.

    Of course, there’s pretty much no chance of the subscriber profiting from Blizzard’s bailout. Then again, that’s not all that different from Paulson’s Plan, so why quibble?

  2. I am convinced no server maintenance happens, that it is all part of their subscription plan. Time spent is money earned in Blizzard land, whether it be grinds or downtime. Loved your extension on the metaphor =)

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