MMO Bucket List

One raid boss that Ascension always had issues with was Al’ar. Not sure why, but he was particularly nasty. So much so, that while we got everything down around him, we never killed him in particular. I hated Al’ar.

I remember one night, when I was on healing duties on the add pickup (good old GreenTeaBag, Druid), everyone had died except GTB and Al’ar was under 1% and he was last druid standing. he ended up dying, and that was the closest we ever got. It’s historical in our little group of friends and raiders because that was the night he threw his mouse against the wall in frustration. Oh, Al’ar, how I hate thee.

Today, I logged into my 90 Prot Pally and killed him in minutes. Not nearly as satisfying as it would have been in the old days, or in our 25 man raid group that bonded and was a great team – not even close to that. It never can be.

Still, I can cross it off my MMO bucket list, at least.

Do you have anything on your MMO bucket list?

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