Tuesday Ramblings.

I don’t post nearly as much when I am playing. One of those funny things – when I play a lot, I don’t post. When I’m not playing a lot, I post. With limited gaming/personal time, it just works out that way.

I am in, and there is, a SWTOR beta. That’s all I am allowed to say (NDA wise). No no, not sharing any impressions either way, just sharing what I am allowwed to share. And that’s it.

I have done a lot of beta tests at various stages, and the amusing part always is the disconnect between customer expectations based on released information, and what you see know when you are ‘in the know’ – hands on, so to speak. This observation is completely unrelated to my sentence prior, but is a pretty consistent and common theme in the beta tests (in general) I have participated in.

On a side note, I am somewhat shocked at the lack of World of Pandas/Pokemon rage. When I read the announcement I started going to some of my favourite blogging sites to enjoy reading pages upon pages of hate and anger. Perhaps it was because Blizz’s next step down wasn’t a surprise to anyone (anymore), or that bloggers just tend not to care about WoW anymore. If I missed any good posts on it, please link them.

I actually like the idea of the monk class (a personal favourite in EQ) but everything else is both unsurprising and uninspiring. I will tip my hat to Blizzard for fighting to the end, trying to break the standard-ish MMO growth curve and climb then slow decline. On a somewhat unrelated note, Zynga’s IPO is due soon. Not sure why that popped into my head when writing this section.

Best blogging post I read this week goes to the BBB, and it’s not even game related. JP sure has a way of tackling a polarizing topic in such a way to encourage thoughtfulness on the subject. While many may not agree with him, he hits the nail on the head, and it’s a brave post considering his normal subject matter. (It’s also a sad statement to qualify a post about human rights as being courageous – but you know what I mean. Right?)

Have a few posts I have been plugging away on in the background that I’ll get to this week. Time permitting, of course =)

I did say ramblings, after all.

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  1. Seems to me most of the AntiPanda rage comes from those who already didn’t like the game for one reason or another. Funny how that works out.

    I do think that they should use the Guild Wars business model, though, and break servers into “chapters”… those who loved Vanilla could just go play it, and the same for TBC, WRATH, CAT or whatever. The “we’ll change the whole game with every expansion” inevitably causes veterans to fuss. Why not give them servers where they can keep the rose tinted glasses on?

  2. My blogging took a nose dive this month because I have been spending most of my time at work writing. By the time I get home, lately I just want to kill stuff, not write more.

  3. @Tesh: Hey, you were my 900th comment on the blog. If it was the 1000th you would have won $1000! Ah well, so close, yet so far. *grin*

    Blizz is still making too much off of the sub, although, at least they are proving willing to play with the 15 a month now (the whole free Diablo thing/discount, etc). Will be interesting to watch where they go with it. I could also see a ‘Free subscription pack’ model – buy all 4 boxes (at $150-$175) and get a free years’s subscription. Would ease the entry barrier (supposedly).

    @Yeebo: I’m at work too right now =) Fun time is for fun! Work time is for.. erm.. blogging?


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