Maybe Worth The Price of Admission

Unconfirmed rumours from a reputable source about Blizzards Cataclysm expansion.

I would probably buy it and try it. I have complained about not using the world of Azeroth before – 80 levels shuttled into a handful of instances for the end game.

Those rumours, if true, are a brilliant move by Blizzard. That is what I would call an expansion.

Of course, bonus points if they let me into their content.

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  1. Of course if you’re like me and didn’t buy Wrath, then you can’t just buy the newest expansion to check it out, you have to buy all the previous ones, too.

    Imagine a newbie (not a noob, but a newbie) getting into WoW to play with friends who already have established characters. They’d drop $100 before they even roll their first character. Then they find out it costs them $15 a month on top of that if they want to keep playing. Might as well kiss this year’s “gaming” budget goodbye.

  2. Cap’n, that’s why they aren’t likely to be making the changes that would make me pick up the game: changing the monetization/business plan. This really is a weakness of the “longish” shelf life of these MMO things.

    (And it’s notable that I was able to get into Guild Wars late in the game precisely because there is no recurring fee, and the boxes were on sale. I spent $50 for everything I’ll ever need for the game, and that’s $50 that Blizzard won’t see the parallel of under the current system.)

  3. @Cap’n good points for sure, I’m guessing it’s time for a ‘legacy’ pack shortly after the expansion launches. All 4 for $50. All the early adopters will buy the expansion for 50, and then kick themselves when you can buy all 4 versions for the same price 6 months in. Makes sense, right? (for the company, not the end user).

    @Tesh: When it comes to MMO/Blizzard, you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. Puppies.. however, that’s a whole new story altogether.

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