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  1. Holy hot diggity! Talk about stimulus.

    …I wonder if I can float the password for one of my trial accounts out there, and sucker someone into converting it into a paid account…

  2. LOL – good system! Immediately afterward I had wished I would of ran with it a bit longer. You know, let them get comfortable that the account was abandoned and maybe they would start to PL characters on it and whatnot – maybe rack up more gold and item listings on the AH.

    It’s only a one month renew less 4 or 5 days.

  3. @ixobelle

    I just wish someone WOULD steal my car, but it’s such a piece of crap no one would want it…even for parts. 🙁

    Jason (resident drunken idiot of Channel Massive who likes to sign his comments because it makes them 10x more valid)

  4. I actually had my car stolen once. I’d left my car with my Older Brother-In-Law when I first came to the States, and he really pissed of Younger BIL because he never locked it at night. He pissed off YBIL even more when the battery went flat and instead of buying a new one, OBIL just Roll Started my car each morning.

    Then OBIL walked outside one morning and…no car.

    He got my sister to drive him into town and on the way they passed my car, sitting at the bottom of the hill. The police had already been called about my car being stolen so my sister called them back to say they’d found it, but they came out anyway (probably needed to in order to complete their paperwork).

    The police found a key on the floor of my car, dropped by the would-be thieves. My car was an older model, mid ’70s, and many cars of that generation or older share keys. The cautious thieves had apparently rolled my car to the bottom of the hill, but were forced to leave it behind when it wouldn’t start.

    OBIL forgetting to lock my car at night? Didn’t matter, the thieves had a key.

    OBIL not buying a new battery? That actually stopped the thieves from getting away with my car.

    YBIL? Not happy. Sooooo not happy 😛

  5. I’m going to start hoping someone steals my rental house and leaves me a (lovely affordable) house (in a better neighbourhood where the houses all around don’t have dogs that yap all. freaking. day.).

    It’s good to hear about thiefly comeuppance — makes a change, really.

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