Liebster McLiebsterton Awards

Awards are awesome!  Especially ones that share more things about the blogging community. I had never heard of the Liebster award (so I had to google it) and here is how it typically goes:

  1. Post the award (check)
  2. Post 11 facts
  3. Answer the 11 questions
  4. Tag others – ask my own 11 questions!

I have never been tagged with this before but it will be a fun Friday post – and thanks to Izlain for the tag.

11 Facts About Isey: I can juggle. I am Canadian.  I’m love to cook! I love travelling. I can’t sing. I like camping and nature. I used to own bars and night clubs. I have Ankylosing Spondylitis. I love live sporting events. I play hockey (I am a goalie). I think the world can be a better place if people were just nicer to each other – even just a little bit.

On to Izlains Questions!

What’s your favorite video game character? 

For RPGs its Shepherd from Mass Effect Series. It was fun to play the hero over several years through a space Odyssey, even though the ending sucked. I actually cared about that world and the characters in it. I still have a special love for my Troll Warrior, Braack in EQ. His story isn’t technically over but playing him really opened up what is amazing about gaming and virtual worlds for me.

What’s your favorite soda? 

I don’t drink soda anymore! Not even in mixed drinks. I used to *LOVE* Coca Cola though. Boring as hell. Still, not to be on a soapbox, but I really focus on my health the past couple of years due to a diagnosis and it has really changed my life in so many good ways – getting in shape, eating well, feeling good.

Do you drink alcohol? What kinds? 

Yes. Depends on the ‘event’. Night out I start with a Bourbon Manhatten, then onto water and whiskey. Dinner out it’s a nice IPA beer, then onto wine. Sporting events just stick to the beer. I love scotch (neat) and all kinds of flavours. I became hooked on it after a trip to London. Still, the two big ones I drink the most are Bourbon Manhattens and various scotches. I am not a big drinker though, I tend to drink around events. I’m not the kind of person who comes home from work and cracks a beer, but if you invite me to a patio I’ll drink all afternoon with you!

Did you start a blog to showcase your writing, or just to vent? 

I spent so much time commenting on blogs that I decided it made sense for me to have my own space to share my thoughts. I sometimes wish I had teamed up with people to share a space, but here i am. I have struggled in the past with purpose and finding my voice and comfort zone. I fell pretty good about where I am and where my blog is right now.

If you had to choose, would you pick life-long love, or enough money to sustain you for life?

Money, and not because I am materialistic. I believe that love comes and goes in different stages and phases in your life. I’d use the money to travel more and meet more people – you can find a lot of love that way. Plus, experiences help you grow so much as a person – sure, those are always better with someone you love. Gah, hard question! I can write this so many ways =)

Beard, or no beard? (if you’re male, do you wear one, if you’re female, do you like them?)

No beard but I have serious beard envy. I just can’t grow one, it’s patchy and makes me look terrible. I can do a killer cop mustache though. But that doesn’t count.

What’s your favorite genre of music? 

I’m all over the map, but typically house/edm historically I ‘grew up’ in the PLUR rave scene in the 90s and that was my Woodstock. Was so much fun. I love classical music, rock too – all kinds of music as well. Depends on what I am doing and where I am! My music player is schizo and has everything from Nine Inch Nails (used to be my favourite) to Bach, to New Order, to Calvin Harris.

Your current boss fires you. Are you happy or sad? 

I’d be messed up because I am my own boss. That would be quite the stunt though! I do love my work. Firing myself would be interesting for sure =)

Why do you think I nominated you for this award?

Because you really, really like me? =) Kidding aside, because you know I love community things and this is one of those “getting to know the community” better – so you knew I would enjoy reading and writing these!

What’s your favorite TV show right now? 

New Girl. It’s hilariously written. Each cast member has their own thing going on but they play off of each other so well. I only watch two TV shows regularly – New Girl and The Good Wife. Besides that it is documentaries, food shows, and sports.

Who’s your celebrity crush?

T Swift. She is far too young for me but she is just so sweet, talented, and adorable. Women love being called adorable, right? Not in a creepy way, I promise. I admire her for her art and she puts in a lot of effort connecting with her fans.

My 11 Questions – keeping this light (and maybe a bit silly?)

  1. What is the last book you read? What did you learn from it?
  2. Favourite quote?
  3. Best Vacation Ever (either in the past, or one you want to do!)
  4. Favourite outdoor sport?
  5. What languages do you speak? If only one, what do you WISH you could speak?
  6. Do you vote?
  7. Where did your blogging alias come from?
  8. Laptop or Desktop for gaming?
  9. Your favourite trait about yourself?
  10. Favourite sports team?
  11. Are you ticklish? Where?

I am tagging the following 3 – if you have already been tagged, let me know! Some that I wanted to tag have been already so spreading the love through Blognation.

Bhagpuss, Inventory Full

Arcadius, House of Witches

Pam, Cannot be Tamed

Joseph Skyrim of JVT!


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  1. You said tag 3 and then listed 4 lol. Knew you would dig this, thanks for your response and the great blog posts! Keep it up!

  2. I’ve already been tagged, but I can answer your questions here!

    1. What is the last book you read? What did you learn from it?
    – The Handmaid’s Tale. I learned I was dumb for going 30 years without reading a book by Margaret Atwood.

    2. Favourite quote?
    – “Great balls of fire. Don’t bother me anymore, and don’t call me sugar.”

    3. Best Vacation Ever (either in the past, or one you want to do!)
    – A couple years ago my mom and I went to California for our birthdays (they’re on the same day). We spent a few days in Napa, drinking lots of wine, drove the Pacific Coast Highway, then went to San Francisco. On our actual birthday I took her to The French Laundry for dinner which is somewhere I’ve always wanted to go.

    4. Favourite outdoor sport?
    -I was about to say running back inside as quickly as possible, then I remembered I do like archery.

    5. What languages do you speak? If only one, what do you WISH you could speak?
    – Just English. I wish I could speak Russian.

    6. Do you vote?
    Sometimes, if the voting station is close.

    7. Where did your blogging alias come from?
    Originally it was Jasyla, which is the name I give myself in games, now I’ve moved on to using my actual name.

    8. Laptop or Desktop for gaming?

    9. Your favourite trait about yourself?

    10. Favourite sports team?
    – It was always the Redskins. But they’re so bad.

    11. Are you ticklish? Where?
    Yes. It’s not really a matter of where, but of how.

    1. Thanks =) I tried not to double tag anyone but there was a lot of tagging going on – and so hard to track all of the regular websites!

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