I get odd requests here and there to put linkable infographics, promote products, etc. Of course I never do that (unless I actually like and use the product, and even then I don’t respond to the request I just continue on my merry way.

This one was interesting to me – because I had made the top 60 MMO Blogs list!

First thought was “wow, there are 60 of us left?”

Second thought was “why 60? Why not top 10? or 25?”

Third thought is what you are thinking now – just another idea by a company to get some community engagement by bloggers and link a badge that takes them to some sell site.

Now, there is nothing it in for me to post that, if you buy something there I do not get proceeds. And from what I have read and heard IBUYPOWER is actually a pretty good for boutique PC building. When I was thinking of a new PC some people suggested them. Yes, probably cheaper to build on your own if you have that capability, but you will have far less neon LEDs in your case.

The other thing is that it’s clear someone did work here – the write ups on the top 60 blogs explaining each. Many are pretty spot on. So while I appreciate that effort all in all this community engagement is an effort to get the name out. And of course, by me writing about this, it worked.

At least the badge is pretty.

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    1. Yep, which is why I am a bit tongue in cheek about it all – but someone put some effort into it (maybe not just enough!) 🙂

  1. I’ve seen these lists posted several times now and I’m guessing they’re literally one person’s RSS Feed. That’s certainly what they look like. Not that I’m bitter because I’m never included…

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