Colbert Report on #GamerGate

So, this happened, in all its comedic glory.

True to Mr. Colbert’s humour and the vibe of the show (which I used to watch a lot) it is a great interview. Making light of serious things in a not-so-serious nature is the game of the show and it is done very well – worth the 10 minute clip – go watch!

My personal favourite moment is when Colbert compares the worry about what would happen to serious journalistic outlets such as Hollywood reporting (8:45) – TMZ, Entertainment tonight (etc.) if they too had ethics issues like Gaming journalism. I have missed that argument around all of the Gamergate “controversy” – most news sources we consume are pretty clear on their biases. It seems as though they are trying less to hide it, and at bare minimum the educated parts of society know the influences behind news reporting. We have known for years that most gaming news sources have walked a fine line in the past to make sure they can continue to exist after giving a “bad score” to the companies paying the bills. This is why a lot of us prefer peer reviews and independent bloggers as our information portals.

In the spirit of Canadian journalism I have to include Canadian content on this blog. Mr. Colbert is doing a twofer today.

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