Optimism Vs Cynicism

A lot of fun speculation with the announcement of a “free” flying pirate ship mount if you just prepay for game time.

Optimist in me : “Guys, we have such awesome content coming down the pipeline, you HAVE to stick around and see it! Trust us you won’t be let down! Here is a shiny mount just for being an awesome, dedicated playerbase willing to hang in there while these changes come down the pipeline.

Cynic in me : “Subs are bleeding, mood out there is bad, quick, let’s lock down subs to buy us time to figure out what the hell we are going to do with this mess.

I get the feeling that depending on how your Battle For Azeroth experience has been so far, is how you respond to this announcement.

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  1. I had thoughts on it this morning. And thinking about it more, I think it may be a gold sink. Get between 500-600,000g converted to the cash shop, and out of the game. What will be interesting is if they start adding some even cooler things into the game that will drive people back to the shop to buy gold.

    1. I just did a bunch of warfronts for 340-370 gear. They are spammable. Not sure why anyone would do any other content. Even the rep gating (items at exalted) are useless. I can almost retire my druid now… just needs a chest piece and a cloak I think for full set.

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