I have a bunch of items in LOTRO that are flagged as non-junk – supposedly I can turn them in and get daily rewards for doing so. (tattered hides.. battered hilts..) unfortunately for me, I am only using in game resources to learn my way around LOTRO. No websites, nada. So, learning that these can be turned in from a fellow player, I decided to embark on looking for WHERE to turn them in.

Sometimes, being lost gives you neat experiences. I was in Archtet, the starting town (still) and as I am looking around I see a woman arrive in a balcony window. She just sits there. I try interacting (nothing) and then she walks away.

I tried to get into the building to go meet her. Who put her there? What function does she serve? I can’t enter that building, and I can’t interact with her, but it was just a nice add in to make the world feel more alive. Well done.

My standards sure have dropped to be amazed these days.

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