Over Rewarding

I get something nice just for logging in everyday in LOTRO. I got a pair of gloves yesterday that were literally 10x better than the ones I was wearing.

I mean, I know people want little wins.. but instant success is many steps past deferred success and does absolutely nothing for anyone. I could almost justify a logging in reward if:

  • you had to group with someone for 10+ minutes to get it (enhancing community/grouping)
  • had to complete x number of quests (living, breathing world – I have only seen two other actual players so far in LOTRO)
  • you got a free gift for buying something in the LOTRO store (supporting development/costs)

As it stands now, I just have to log in, click the present on the corner of my screen, get my reward, and log out. Once a day. It doesn’t do anything really for anyone.

Of course, unless LOTRO is going to start marketing how many millions of players LOG IN everyday


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  1. This is an increasingly annoying trend. When I first came across it, probably in either City of Steam or DinoStorm, I found it fun. The rewards in those cases weren’t huge but they were significant enough to be worth having and it became a routine for me to log into both of those games at the end of the evening after I’d finished playing GW2 or whatever my focus MMO was at the time.

    At first I would log in with half an hour to spare and I would actually play the game but after a while I began to log in, collect credit for being there and log out again. It took me a while to realize that collecting free stuff in a game you do not intend to play is not a worthwhile way to spend your time.

    I have now stopped paying attention to log in rewards. None of the MMOs I play regularly at the moment have them, although they all have Dailies. To get dailies, though, you do at least have to play. I quite enjoy that small amount of structure.

  2. Structure is good – much like you, the daily gift doesn’t incent me to make the game world better. Nice to get free stuff, but better when you understand what the goal of that free stuff is =)

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