Master of None


I have been mostly just playing League of Legends lately. It does free to play exceptionally well. Sadly, my experiment isn’t going as I had hoped although my sample size is small. Through 27 games, 7.41% are decided by an intentional feeder, 7.41% a Troll Pick, 11.11% from an AFK, 55.56% of my games are heavily lopsided. That leaves 18.52% of games that are close and “good” (meaning a marginal improvement at best). Since I am taking the game a bit more serious I realized that the champs I played the most I am the best at (oddly enough, eh?) but I like to mix it up a bit -so I end up not playing optimally.

So, Jack of all trades, Master of none.

My new experiment, along with the outcome tracking, is to only play with 8 champs total – two options per lane. (I don’t jungle, which for non-LOL’ers is a needed role. I never bothered to learn and don’t feel like it. I’d rather support – which teams love to hear -so I can always get out of jungling.)

I am picking my favorite 8 and whatever role I am playing I am solely going to play from those 8. I’m curious if  I will improve enough on those champs that my experience will change. With each LOL article I write I’ll include a picture of one. Wukong (last LOL article linked at the top) is my preferred top laner, and I love playing Fizz (above) mid or top.

I haven’t given Riot money in a long time (mostly because I only get 1 good game out of 5) but for fun I am running 10 game challenges. For every 10 games in a row that don’t have an AFK’er, Intentional Feeder, or someone who needs to be banned (racist, homophobic, typical internet ass-shatery type) I will buy a skin from Riot. (around $10). We’ll see if I have to spend a dime. That is the only part of the game that irks me. Bad part is that I am doing my provisional games for s3 ranked so the scales are definitely tipped in my favor.

And oh, ARAM games don’t count. Although it is a really fun way to play.

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