Worth Playing – Gods Will Be Watching

It’s HTML 5 and give me headaches in Internet Explorer 10 on Windows 8, but works great on Chrome.

It’s part of Ludum Dare 26 which is a weekend gaming contest of some sort (too busy trying to beat the game instead of researching).

Go play it – it’s fun, and I haven’t won yet which is really getting to my self esteem.

My critical analyis is that it needs to be more theme-park and less sandbox. Or, it’s just a Friday morning and I am being silly.

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  1. Fascinating game. Really tough, though. I was doing well, getting a bit low in morale when suddenly 3 people had fled into the night. Not sure how much talking to people helps vs. group therapy; I had just done two days of group therapy, needed to focus on gathering food.

    Still, nicely atmospheric.

  2. You get a ‘free move’ from the robot – it tells you the ‘general happiness’ score of each player. You can also click on the food to get a free food count, radio for repair % etc.

    I still haven’t won, but pluck at it now and again =) It’s enough of a challenge without being too frustratingly so (once I found all the free data points)

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