Les Miserables

No, the headline isn’t even a half ass metaphor for the emotional state of the typical MMO veteran player right now.

It’s about the movie/musical/video game (wait – what?)

Les Miserables is one of those instances where I really am reminded how little I know, and how uncultured I am. The movie is the first experience I had with Les Mis (that’s the trendy short form, right?) and of course was driven by my wife’s desire to see it more than mine. She had participated in the school play when she was a kid.

I just thought Les Mis was a play, and always was. That is certainly what it was to me. Cue instant Wikipedia interest article to learn that:

  • It is a book written in the 1860’s
  • The English version is 1500+ pages
  • Has a really engaging and interesting plot line
  • Is ruined by singing

Maybe that last line isn’t fair, since Les Mis is most famous for that – but after reading the plot summary of the original works – damn, that would make a really deep and disturbing visual feature. The singing part feels like it ruins what could have been completely amazing movie if they focused on the plot and character development.

Due to the time period I am sure the book doesn’t read so smoothly.

Besides being utterly embarrassed I didn’t realize the musical stemmed from one of the great literary works of all time (arguably) is that completely my fault or the fault that modern day society only consumes it from broadway?

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