Keen and Graev Hacked

I read a lot of blogs, and while surfing K&G’s this morning turns out the ‘Devil Hacker’ hacked the website.

I’m curious if they had some post up picking on hackers or something, or just negatively reviewed a game they were playing and some fanboi took offence.

Conspiracy theorists: perhaps this is the beginning of targeted attacks on bloggers! Maybe there is a Clue type meta-game. “I suspect [Tesh], with the [DDOS attack], in the [Server Farm].

Bloggers beware.

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  1. Nah, I’d never bother with something so… crude… as a DDOS attack.

    The idea of a Clue-type metagame, though… now you’ve got me thinking. There’s potential there, but how to tap it? Hmm…

  2. Could be a fun angle of some sort of inter-blog game. URL’s could be the location.. bloggers the ‘main actors’.. only challenge would be the ‘weapons’. Some creative angles there.

    Oh, and the small part of sorting how each is chosen as well =)

  3. They’re exploiting a well known vulnerability that many plugins and themes use. I guess I left a few spots open in my security. I now have like 6 security plugins and two third party sites monitoring my security. We’ll see what happens.

    At the end of the day, they’re script kiddies and doing nothing other than causing me 3 minutes of frustration while I undo the damage.

  4. Thanks for stopping by with an update Keen. Shame it’s boring reasons and not some part of an overarching global evil plot. *grin*. Sounds like you have things handled on your end 🙂

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