Here’s Your Answer, Tesh!

I suppose the Global Agenda ‘strike while the iron is hot’ promo is, uh, striking while the iron is hot.

Last chance for APB refugees and other Shooter/MMO fans to receive discount

Dear Shooter/MMO Fans:Image

Recently, I wrote an open letter to APB Refugees and other fans of the Shooter/MMO genre. In that letter, we offered players 30% Off Global Agenda when purchasing from our webstore using the promotion code “LongLiveShooterMMOs” (that’s $20.99, £13.12 and €15.75).

Since that letter, we’ve had thousands of new players join the game! With each additional Shooter/MMO fan the Global Agenda community grows stronger and the online multiplayer competition becomes more intense.

Based on this, we’ve extended the promotion through Monday, October 4.

So if you are interested in Global Agenda’s high-flying shooter combat inside a futuristic game world, there’s no better time to strap on that jetpack! And, remember, the game has no monthly fees.

Still unsure? You can try before you buy by playing the free trial, available here.

We welcome all the new players that have recently joined us, and hope to see the rest of you in game soon!

Todd Harris
Executive Producer, Global Agenda

Hi-Rez Studios


My own emphasis on the ‘thousands of new players’.

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  1. Thousands is good. Without comparison/context, I’m not sure how good it is, but hey, new blood is the lifeblood of an MMOish game.

    Y’know, it’s funny… I’m all for trying to build some sort of loyalty to the shooter MMO genre (even though I’m not a fan, it’s good to build and nurture a niche), but I can’t help but wonder what happens when a better game comes out and eats GA’s lunch. Do they suck it up and say it’s good for the shooter MMO breed, or get catty and whine about it?

    I’m also probably looking at it from too high; game loyalty is big in MMO space, though I’ve never really resonated with it. Puzzle Pirates is still sort of my MMO “home”, but I’m not really a monogamous MMO gamer. I see the idea of keeping this niche alive as a good thing for the industry… but yeah, for APB fans, this just has to sting.

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