From Russia With Love

I have been getting an inordinate amount of spam from Russia, written in Russian. Anyone else noticing this?

Sadly, I deleted them all before running a google translate, but I’ll be sure to remember to fix that when I get another stack.

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  1. Now that’s lateral thinking – I just nuke the stuff but it might be fun to translate some of it. At least I’d learn the Russian words for “Viagra” and “p*nis”.

  2. Well, got a small batch this morning. Sadly, clearly not KGB secrets or anything juicy like that.

    “Author naprodu to go out, there are questions!”
    “Thank you! Great article! Blog reader to clearly”
    “Your post brought me to думки left a lot to think”

  3. Hmmm… I’m feeling sadly left out. But then again, I haven’t seen an email asking if I want a bigger p*nis in months… 😀 Maybe I need to go plop my email address on more spam sites?

  4. Few more wise ones from our Russian friends!

    “The largest number of people can join only the lowest common denominator. – F. Hayek”

    “Few people can boast of such a savvy, as the author”

    “cool .. took almost all”

  5. I could see this becoming a full time hobby…

    “And you have not thought about that in parallel to create another blog, for related subject? Do you have a good idea”

    “I do not know how the rest, but I liked”

  6. I just asked a Russian speaker at work here to translate
    “думки” (“thoughts”). Its Ukrainian and not Russian, which may confuse the Google and Babel Fish translators a bit.

  7. @Hez: Cymru has all the tools and meds to help if you do decide you need a bigger… =P

    @Zardoz: Interesting – and thanks! Unfortunately I nuked the spam, but will try both Russian and Ukraine translations on the next batch =)

  8. Wow… I don’t think I ever wanted or needed to know that about him. EVER!

    And get him his bloody wine, before it turns into Port. 😀


  9. Wine? what wine? (sip) which was his again?

    And what is wrong with Port, anyway?

    Some more quotes for your viewing pleasure.

    The article is written according to all rules and criteria for that the author put 5 +!

    tell you an interesting story too ..

    great idea … we go to … great.

    Regarding the topic, I think the relevance will be known only after some time.

    Blog just super, I will recommend to friends!

    “I really helped you write”

    Your post brought me to думки left a lot to think * *

    Very interesting! Based on some feedback ….

    More would have such a view!

    If you often have philosophical questions to which you can not find the answer, look here! *website removed* this blog is about dreams, philosophy, and feelings of people. Here you will learn about themselves, people many new and interesting!

    “More please”

    Repeatedly’ve read similar posts on the English-language blogs, but this does not mean that your post, I do not like

    Valuable advice, take note

    “Yes, the news went on инету and extends from starshnoy force”

    class), I ponra) especially!

    Interesting enough, I ONLY get Russian spam now.

    Wish it was vodka.

  10. ROFL!!!

    The port was his complaint, not mine. 😀 Do NOT make me come up there and beat you with the empty bottle!! 😛

    And I love the spam…

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