Pre Marketing Hype Example Gone Wild!

If you don’t have anything nice new to say, don’t say anything at all.

This ‘exhaustive’ Q&A about SWTOR is just exhausting to read.

To save you the clicky, I’ll paraphrase the key points for you. After the break.

I ‘exhaustively’ combed through the 4 page interview and took out the newest, and greatest features being discussed about Bioware’s epic MMO – SWTOR. Here’s the juicy goodness!

“We’re not talking about that now”

“I don’t think we are speaking in detail about it”

“There’s a whole lot of MMO stuff going on”

“I’m not sure how much detail we can go into”

“We aren’t talking about space combat yet”

“As of right now we’ve only talked about humans, and that’s pretty much what we’re talking about”

“To be revealed at a later date”

“That’s also something we’re not talking about yet”

“We can’t be specific about any of that stuff”

“I can’t definitively answer that question”

“I’m not sure that we’re getting into comparatives here”

“I don’t think we have details that we’re willing to share”

“I actually cannot answer that”

I don’t know that there’s a ton of detail that I can be brilliant about”

“We have mentioned them, yeah, but we haven’t given a lot of details”

“Thanks, dude. I’m so full of PR. It’s awesome”

Even Paul Barnett makes more sense than those two guys.

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  1. LOL. Though can you blame them? Look at the nerd rage that ensued when Warhammer Online had to make some cuts at “promised features” when it launched. Star Wars fans are the most rabid nerds there are… I think they are doing fine in that delicate balancing act between hyping the game and keeping people dressed as padawans from sneaking into their homes at night and beating them.

  2. Yeah Lars, I don’t fully blame them. I am in favor of devs not talking about their game unless the item is feature complete and worth discussing.

    I’m really digging at both sides though – Don’t agree to an open ended interview when you know you can’t say anything. To the interviewer, knowing they can’t say much at this point, make the piece worth reading by going over what topics they CAN discuss and pose your questions in that framework.

    I am looking forward to TOR, I just think that piece is an utter waste of time for the interviewer, Bioware, and anyone who read it.

  3. I’ve never heard of this game before, but I looked it up and decided that I must try it out! There are so many great games out there that we might never hear about, and I could be missing out on a real gem! Thanks for the post! 😀

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