I have switched my browser from good ol’ MSIE 8.0 (the new version) to Safari. I know many out there Firefox it, maybe even Google Chrome, but I just like basic functionality (and not having to learn new things all the time.)

I didn’t download it purposely, I am a big fan of the iPhone and it kept prompting me to download it. I also have a account (great for the iDisk alone) and since it works better in Safari, and everytime iTunes wanted to download an update to work with my phone it prompted me for Safari. So I finally downloaded it. 

I am pretty impressed.

Something about the font and color choices they use make every webpage POP. It just presents so nicely. I am sure that is why long time users love it – visually it is just so darn impressive. I only run a couple things that require AX, which I hear Safari doesn’t do, but I have good old’ MSIE to use that with.

MSIE just upgraded to 8.0, and not only does it seem to take forever to boot up but it just runs slow. Plus it feels it is necessary to open 2 tabs everytime (the main page, and a LIVE search tab) which also makes it run slow.

Now, I have little experience with other browsers (I did beta Chrome, but didn’t bother with it afterwards – I don’t mind minimalistic as long as full feature functionality is available) so here I am making my first blog post in Safari and it looks real pretty.

Any of you have experiences with Firefox, et al? I half feel I am cheating on my wife with an evil Apple application, but I can’t get over how good she looks, and how fast she works.

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  1. You really really have to try Firefox. The reason I made the switch is due to your main complaint: IE is slow and bloated. Firefox is much faster, and now seems to be as widely supported as IE (i.e., any decent web admin is going to at least make sure their site works right in IE and Firefox).

    I haven’t used Safari in a long time. It was much faster than IE, but I would hit odd snags (pages not loading correctly, plugins refusing to work, ect.) with it. I can remember once filling in a huge online form and not being able to submit it…”Oh, crap…I need to do this in IE.” That was a long time ago, I assume it’s been improved since then.

    In any case, I personally never use anything but Firefox. If I have to borrow a work PC the first thing I’ll do is install Firefox if it’s not already installed.

  2. Actually, now that I think about it…I’d be really surprised if anything works better with your i-phone than Safari.

    I still say that for normal PC web surfing Firefox is by far the best I’ve used (have yet to try Chrome though). Firefox isn’t steadily eating into IE market share by coincidence.

  3. I think I remember trying Safari once… I love Firefox, and haven’t had to open IE for anything in years! IE’s not even on my computer anymore. Firefox is fast, smooth, and extremely user friendly.

    But I, not being special enough to even think about affording an iPhone, just have my experiences on my PC as a basis for comparison.

  4. I’m a confirmed Firefox user, and Mozilla before it. I can’t stand IE, and it vexes me every time I do web design and have to cater to its idiotic whims.

    I’ve not tried Chrome or Safari, but neither do I have complaints about them. *shrug*

  5. I have two Facebook accounts and I log in on both, simultaneously, using Firefox and Chrome. I tried Safari but it didn’t seem much better than IE (which hung horribly), so I gave Chrome a try and was very impressed. Almost enough that I’d use it as my main browser if I wasn’t so used to Firefox.

  6. I really like Chrome. You have a very good bookmark/favorite bar and search system plus arranging the tabs now not below but in the window bar saves a lot of space. You know, especially Internet Explorer tends to take up a large part of the upper screen, Firefox is a bit better, but Chrome does it really best. It also loads pages very fast and well… give it a try. It is easy to understand, does not suffer from too many features and is thoughtfully designed. It suffered from a lot of bad press regarding sending data to Google which is not true, it is no more or less spyware than other browsers.

  7. @Longasc: yeah, the “scary” Google clause owning everything you type into their broswer created a mini (yet unjustified) hysteria when they released the TOS for Chrome. Must have been a slow tech-news week. I admit I picked up on it too, and posted about it, without realizing I agree to all those same things with every other browser I use as well!

  8. Being a Mac user, the default browser is Safari. My main beef with Safari is the inability to have tab functionality be the default behavior. I don’t like having multiple browser windows open; I would much rather have multiple tabs in a single window. That’s why I use Firefox over Safari.

  9. Hi Pope! Good to see Law School hasn’t melted your brain (yet – or at least not obviously so).

    I just noticed that the other day too – I can only open a tab from an existing web page, which is a bit frustrating.

  10. On the Mac, you can Cmd-click a link and that will open it in a new tab, but that’s really cumbersome. Apparently they don’t have plans to integrate that feature… Which makes me sad. Oh well, I’ll stick with Firefox.

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