10 Day Trials – What not to do!

Besides topics covered in this semi-rant post previously, I will give one, absolutely cardinal rule on how you will GUARANTEE I will not trial your game.

Do not ask me for my Credit Card information.

A 10 day trial is for me to see if I like your game, not tether me to a possible error and scoop up a free sub month if I get busy and forget to cancel in time.

Give me 10 days free, and then if I want to continue playing, I will give you my CC information. Simple enough.

You would think, anyway.

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  1. I suppose this is probably an attempt to limit gold sellers from trial accounts, although it probably doesn’t slow them down that much because as they’ve proven before: identity theft is hardly beyond them.

    I agree, it’s a serious accessibility barrier. I’m one of those people who avoids using my credit card online, I tend to pay via timecards and Paypal where it’s available. The assumption that a valid player must use a credit card really irks me.

  2. Yeah Zubon, it’s war. I loved the beta experience and already own the box, and they want me to come back. (just me, I’m sure of it!)

    Which, Rog, means they know I am not a gold seller since I was subbed for a few months – although that may be part of their reasoning.

    I am interested in seeing the game with changes, but a bit kerfluffled they won’t let me get off on the right foot – try it, and if I enjoy it I’ll pay – but not before then. It just creates an inconvenience which sharp companies usually understand is a bad thing, when you are trying to win back old customers.

  3. Aah, I saw WAR had a 10-day trial and was thinking of giving it a whirl. But they insist on a CC up front? Well, they probably wouldn’t have got a sub out of me anyway, so no loss there.

  4. It Might work for you Cap’n, it may only be requesting one from me because I already own the box. I can’t see them asking for your CC # (because how can you sub if you don’t buy a box?) –

    Hey, go give it a whirl and let me know! =P

  5. yah, it’s silly.

    the game should stand on its own merit, and make you WANT to subscribe, not be like “well.. meh. it’s already got my CC info, I guessss I could play it another month by clicking that one button”.

    people are getting lazy, and releasing crap, then they wonder why it doesn’t sell, and blame WoW.


  6. As to wanting you to put in your credit card for a trial in the hopes that you will forget to unsubscribe: WoW explicitly states you won’t be charged unless you sign up for a plan or whatever. (If I’m wrong, let me know, it was a while ago.)

    But I totally agree, it certainly is a good way to scare people off trialling your game. Now if only more games even had trials…

  7. @Ix & Kat: It was funny because I recently read a scam with Acai Berries. It is some health fad, and you can get them for free (after you cover shipping and handling). After 15 days they automatically ship you more product, because you have to give them your credit card info to get the free stuff. Although it is a noted “scam”, it must be effective because there are tons of those stupid Acai berry companies popping up all over the place.

    @Kat: Any game without a free trial these days surely has something to hide. Developers should put out a product they are confident enough in that if they give you a taste, you want the whole thing.

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