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So I have a game design idea. It is a basic dice game, a game we discovered on vacation one year in Jamaica. A bunch of very wealthy guys were sitting around a table gambling with each other on it and we quickly became friends because they, and we, all owned Omega watches. Anyway, we took the basic premise of that game and switched it around and it evolved over the past 8 years. It is a blast, and we all sit around laughing our heads off playing it for hours. We play it in bars, around campfires, anywhere, any time. The game defines us. It is officially called “Sh*t the Bed” but I figured I should tone down the title a bit since it would essentially be a family title.

Graphics needed are minimal, although there is a scoring and math system involved. I used to be quite the programmer – I was on my high school programming team and we went to the Nationals with Turing. (I know, reeks of nerd!). I have been out of the game for a long time, and ask you, who read this, what is a good, simple language to pick up for a simple project such as this? Flash? XBL? I shudder at the thought of C++ for such a simple premise, but figured I would put it out to the experts.

Something I always wanted to put into game form and could be a fun entry back into entry level programming.

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  1. C#? Java? It depends on how you’re going to present it, I’d imagine. Not that I’m a coding guy, though. I know just enough HTML and CSS to get by, and a bit of scripting. I really should learn more.

    *bows in nerd respect*

  2. Like Tesh says, the tool you choose depends on what you are building. Flash is more for programs with a strongly graphical nature.

    If you can get by with text boxes and your standard HTML widgets, with a fairly simple or straightforward request-response lifecycle to the processing, you could just do this using PHP scripts.

    If you are going to deploy to desktops, you might use Ruby with Shoes.

  3. Thanks for the advice guys. The graphics will be basic (table surface, dice, dice rolling) and then it is just math from there, with a few user choices (when to stop rolling, passing, etc). Keep track of score, basic stuff.

  4. I would recommend flash, then make it into an online game, facebook game, and also put it on addictinggames.

    Make some money from your work. Flash is a bit annoying at first (especially since adobe bought it), but is what everyone uses for online games. Java is also good (I prefer it for online games), but needs a bit more programming ability and is slower.

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