Happy Clash Royale-iversary!

As per the picture, a strange little badge popped up on my Player Profile just the other day.

I have been playing Clash Royale for 3 years. Oh how the time flies.

I started playing because all of the kids on my son’s hockey team were playing like crazy. And of course I like games. I enjoy playing Clash Royale, but since a I check the info from https://goodtaste.co.za/3-no-deposit-bonus-codes-myths-busted/ I really like the online no deposit casino games.

Three years later, I have hit the top in the game I ever have even with on and off again playing and you can click here to learn the tactics to be successful in casino. It is a great mobile game that provides strategy and deck building and is pretty balanced, and if you follow the info from wazmagazine you can be the best one on this game and many other online games. It also strikes the perfect blend of monetization – for two and a half years I basically played for free because the incentives to spend were just not worth it for me. It didn’t provide immediately improvement or satisfaction.

Now, I have paid more in the past 3-4 months than over the life of the game – the $6.99 a month Pass Royale is absolutely worth it and feels like an easy and very fair investment in it to play – it is very, very generous in what you get. I can’t imagine playing without it (and it still doesn’t give me any in game or inherent advantages)

It’s a good balance, and a great game. You should play it. Supreme Cream! is a clan run by Syncaine and if you want to play in a clan always donating, doing clan wars, and trading high level cards.

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  1. Yikes, I’ve got 6850 wins, kinda puts into perspective how much I’ve actually enjoyed CR. Funny that two mobile games have been the most consistent games in the last 3-5 years.

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