2015 Digital Goals

I dislike resolutions because in the wrong mindset they can feel like impossible obstacles to overcome. There are a lot of standing jokes/memes out there surrounding impending resolution failures.

Nonetheless it is good to set goals as long as they are realistic. So here are mine.

1) Post 3x a week on average. I loved pushing myself for Blaugust daily posts but that is unrealistic for my non gaming personal and professional goals. 3x a week will keep my creative juices flowing and help me continue to improve as a writer.

2) Finish more games then I buy. I have already stopped buying bundles for most of 2014 and have set fun buying standards – such as no Steam purchase until 75%+ off (and that can come back and bite me in the butt). I have a slew of games at the 20-50% completed mark and they are good games I am interested in – I just lack gaming focus and discipline! Well, no more!

3) Fix my nagging blog issues. Pingbacks still don’t work (although I got one yesterday, oddly enough!) and right now I can only post to my site via the WordPress Android app. Not sure why. I need to get better at the technical side of the blog!

4) MMO more. I am going to continue working on TSW and SWTOR and I expect I will eventually end up in WoW to continue my journey with my 10 year old toons, but much like resolution #2 without focus and consisentcy I’m not getting as much out of my gaming.

Four is a good number for a nice easy percentage success rate at the end of the year and while none of these are exceptionally hard goals they will take some effort.

Do you set goals at New Years?

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