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A fun and side product of Blaugust has been bloggers finding various topic-filling days and sharing them with one another. These community style posts are great – it’s part “getting to know you” and it is always fantastic to see the varied, differing and interesting viewpoints in and around BlogNation.

With a couple days left and a dozen or more draft posts on the go I don’t need this post to keep me chugging along, but I really LOVE the idea and think it is a lot of fun! Over at I Have Touched The Sky is one of those topics – a look at why that blog is named how it is, and a question to other bloggers on how they came up with their own blog names.

I’m biting.

When I was ready to start my blog the hardest part for me was finding a name. I spent hours and days thinking on what to name this future award winning blog – centre of the BlogNation universe and place of sharing, growth, and quiet contemplation. (*ahem*)

Back to reality – some of the obvious choices for me was using my online names and history – Braack (EQ/DAOC), Bleyzn (DAOC) or the more time-relevant Couchon (Wow) and some of their adventures. Couchon’s Couch. Braack’s Bachelor Pad. Again, all amazing selections – perfect for any young blogger trudging out on their own. Of I also tried to work in “Worlds” and “MMO” somewhere (and glad that I didn’t now as I like all gaming..) so it could have been Couchon’s Couch in Canada or Braack’s Bachelor Pad in Berlin. The more I type those the more I think I should make another blog..

Back to reality (again) – I hated internet memes and especially the LOLcats and everything around to do with stupidity and the internet (wipe that smirk off of your face, dear reader). The whole I CAN HAS and things that surrounded that internet dumbery (yes, I just made that word up – it fits!) I delivered my own dumbery and actually wrote down I HAS PC when asking my friend to find me a URL.

Surprisingly (*ahem*) it was available!

My friends laughed as I said it and honestly I was tired of thinking about it and just wanted to start writing – so I went with it. It was kind of like pulling the Bandaid off really fast by the end of it all. The “Life and Interwebs” tag came later as another homage to not taking things to seriously.

In the end I am happy with it – it is my own little corner of BlogNation and while I wish I had some sort of compelling or exciting story to share about my silly blog name – I think it reflects the blog, the relaxed nature of how I talk about things here, and the people who enjoy stopping by.

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  1. The LOLCats bit is communicated instantly when you visit the blog. I remember thinking that the first time I visited, so those of us familiar with Internet dumbery “got it” before you said it 😀

  2. I actually was “attacked” by a pretty angry blogger about the title of my blog once. It was pretty funny – whoosh – right over his head. The dumbery part is the charm, right? =)

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