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I haven’t had to look for a guild in 10 years in WoW. I became a part of a guild in Vanilla, and when we went from 40 man to 25 man raiding a group of us splintered off and formed a separate guild for TBC, and I was with that guild for most of WoW. Then when I left WoW for a bit and came back to find the people I was closest with moved servers (Uldum), I followed them with a character. Then another. My play time was very sparse at this time and I’d log in for a bit for each expansion and go long stretches outside of WoW. However, everytime I came back they were there.

Until Legion. The guild imploded and scattered to the 4 corners of Azeroth.

I wasn’t planning on sticking around Legion much and I took random guild invites just to get perks and see green text, and have people to level with, and chat with. There were no applications, few discussions – just “hey, you are in!”.

I want to change that. Not that my random guild experiences have been bad at all – but just looking for like-minded people. And people who read blogs tend to be those =) So, I have 3 Alliance toons I plan on playing this expansion and three Horde. All are on Uldum. If you have a guild or know of one on Uldum (I’m not even sure how it works cross realm now) let me know – would love to get a new home for the long term.

New Blogs Added

I have enjoyed reading Alunaria over at Alunaria’s Avenue and like many things, was surprised I hadn’t run into it before. We share a lot of likes over at Leo’s Life. Adding to my fun and fancy blogroll!

The second is a huge surprise for me – Marathal has a blog! Maybe I shouldn’t be so shocked. I see M all the time all over the Blogosphere participating in comments and likes for BlogNation. Once or twice I checked here by clicking his name and it took me to a link that was dead for his blog, so I assumed he was just a mega-reader and participator / contributor through comments. Oddly enough (again, back to degrees of separation) Alunaria liked a comment I made at Leo’s, so I checked her blog, and saw she linked Marathal and I was dumbfounded I didn’t realize it! Anyway here is a link to M’s blog and added to my blogroll as well.

Happy when these things happen, and it’s a Friday. Life is good.

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  1. Oh hi . Yeah my blog has gone through a few name changes and I have messed up switching things properly on occasion and lost a great deal of old blogs. But I’m still around.

  2. If I recall, guilds work on connected realms but not beyond that. Uldum and Antonidas are linked. I’ll be looking for one soon myself. The last logon closest to mine is almost a year ago.

    1. I don’t really plan on rating or anything anyway but I love tanking and five man’s so that tends to work well for guilds to. No problem filling in on raids I tend to be okay at those things usually in a healing capacity 🙂

  3. Hey Isey! I didn’t know you had a blog either – I am almost certain that when I clicked your Avatar last time, it went nowhere!

    Good to see you over here 🙂

    I hear you on Guilds. I really want to find a good casual one; but also one that does not recruit off the street without just a little bit of filtering through recruits. I want to surround myself with people sharing the same values in game as I have. At least more or less. Not an easy find. I wish you luck in finding one that matches you 🙂

    Hah, I know, Marathal really needs to sort out his Avatar so it directs us to his site /nods 😉

    I clicked your “About” as the very first thing here, so I guess you are impressed now! Not a bad way to start of… 🙂

    1. Thanks for stopping by =) Always nice to meet new people =) I wish the new connect features in BFA gave the same in game bonuses as full and proper guilds. I still have friends all over WoW but not condensed enough to share a true guild.

      1. Yes, that would certainly be a nice addition. It’s easy to forget how it all was once too; back when we could not even speak across servers! I should really consider joining a guild. This talk about it makes me miss the green chat… 🙂

  4. Isey, I was wondering. Is it possible to add a “like this reply” button to your site? It would be great 🙂 (Maybe it’s just me, though!)

      1. Np 🙂 I can “like” your responses in the WordPress Reader, but not when I visit your site directly, if that makes sense. I’m low techy techy…

        1. I added a Like/Dislike plugin but I can’t see it – can either of you? Not sure if it’s layered due to other plugins or if because I am an admin I can’t. Let me know if it’s around….

          1. I can click the thumbs up button for sure 🙂 To test it out, I clicked on every single respons to this blog post. Did you get any info about who clicked like?

          2. It’s a pretty simple addon – it doesn’t show me who likes what, but it does show the number of likes a comment gets. There was (funny enough) a “dislike” attachment to it you can toggle on and off – (which I turned off of course) but that is probably the basis for not tracking users, and/or the simplicity.

          3. Oh, I see. Yeah, I read about the dislike function, good idea to disable it. Blogging is not for negativity in the form of a simple “dislike”, I think. Debating is welcome, for me, but humanity should really dislike far less 🙂

  5. Thanks for sharing new links!! (that happens to me too, a LOT, and I really like being able to return visits whenever possible)

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