BFA Launch : Slow Clap or Not so Fast?

This was my experience last night.

Get home from work, make dinner, be a pool boy for a bit.

Think about logging in to Battle for Azeroth at 6pm. Decide  against it thinking it will be a gong show.

6:30, I figure I will get in the queue – even if it is bad, will be interesting to see! Besides, I have dishes to wash from dinner. Get in queue, do dishes, maybe play at a low framerate.

Hit login. Log right in. Pick character. Straight to game.

No lag, no issues. Played through the Kul Tiras introduction. Get an achievement.

First impressions were:

  • Love the new “story telling” format, and curious if they keep it up throughout the expansion. (yay!)
  • First piece of new Azerite armor is a reskin from a piece you get on Argus (boo)
  • Difficulty is fine based on where my gear is at (yay!)
  • I am a bit lost, new areas and a bit uncomfortable after so long of knowing everything (yay! new is good!)
  • There was the first level 120 in 5 hours (boo! or maybe yay!, since I love alts…)

So, completely impressed at how smooth it was for me to enter and play. Awesome experience.

Then I started reading the internet. Lawsuits. Ombudsman getting involved. State Senators being called. Online petitions. All because of login issues. I’d say “first world problems” but there needs to be a more condescending term for people who get angry and threaten over access to a video game. I just can’t think of an existing term that wouldn’t insult the regular group more by being grouped up with the online complaining low-lifes.

Glad I wasn’t those guys. Smooth as a babies bottom.

Well done Blizzard!

(for my server, anyway.)

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  1. I heard the first 120 was from Method and people were giving them socketed gear and the 5% experience gems. Kind of cheating if you ask me

    1. They are only cheating themselves, of course. There is a fully streamed video of it but I can’t be bothered to watch. The effort in the story so far has been worth reading quest text (although it is early!)

      1. I agree. I’m sure we could have focused all of our efforts as a guild and gotten someone to cap quickly. But then what. You need to wait for others to catch up? Seems like a lot of effort just to say I’m first.

  2. Hope you bought a lottery ticket just after that. Get that luck to pay off a bit.

    The Canadian French language has a way of expressing insults to a group that could not be mixed up with another group. Doesn’t translate well though. Sort of like hockey insults I guess.

    1. I laughed when I read Stormrage was one of the down servers (I believe you said that was your server so you weren’t buying BFA off the hop?) Smart move!

      I moved from Whisperwind to Uldum a few years ago when my main playing friends moved there. It was a joy and pleasure to play last night =)

      What is the french term for that? I haven’t heard it! French insults to anglos can be great “like wiping your ass with silk”.

      Please share =)

      1. Stormrage has never survived any major patch. It would be nice if Blizz offered server swaps for multiple characters, rather than 1 offs. It’s $30 to transfer a character…that’s $200 for all my max levels. Hmmmm…

        Interwebs keep things for too long. I ain’t writing that part down 🙂

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