Magic The Gathering Beta Key Giveaway

I have 5 keys that I will /random off Friday, at 5pm EST.

All you have to do is leave a comment below (and have a valid email address so I can send it to you if you win). I don’t keep email addresses, I don’t have a mailing list, and I won’t use it for any reason but to send you the key.

Based on my readership and number of comments I get here, you have a 90+% chance of winning!

MTGA is a really fun card game, and is very generous with it’s starter decks and rate you get free decks. It’s been a lot of fun so far and I still play daily (to get my daily quest gold).

You can read my MTG:A posts here if you are curious

Keeping this short and sweet so people can be up and running for the weekend!


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  1. I ended up with 5 codes myself. Side note, are you doing the Blaugust thing this year? I put my codes up for grabs on the discord server.

    1. I really wanted to do Blaugust, but I teach at a hockey camp first two weeks of August and the only time I really get to myself is 5am to 6am – and I have to use that to try and keep up with work. Bad timing for me unless I am doing 250 word posts :/

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