Auf Wiedersehen WAR! 4 of 4

The final comic is the Choppa – the Orc mirror to the Hammerer. Violent, ugly, and viscious – WAR players were angry because the Choppa was an iconic WAR class and having them cut from the launch was not something they were “happy” about.

So, how to write a comic about an evil dummy?

choppy22(click the comic to see it in full)

Was fun to tie in a previous comic (love seeing that in the comics I read) and besides that, played on the singing angle again (what would a character do when they were planning to be in a game, after all?)

So that was the series. They are still available in the PRESENTS page, but it’s hard to find and full of spam now – I am going to kill that page soon.

WAR was one of the most hyped disappointments ever in the MMO genre and I am shocked that SWTOR didn’t learn about the hype machine in full failure – some of my favourite personal posts are about WAR and how PVP games could actually scale and last, but hey, I’m pure armchair.



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