Au Revoir WAR! 1 of 4

I loved WAR. It was the best BETA ever, and really showed the potential for a pure PVP game (with PVE elements) to shine. I talked about it in the past but the short list of why the BETA was awesome was:

  • Every player was funneled into areas – so there was equal representation of each side, and always conflict to be had
  • You got to know your enemies really well – to nemesis status! Some on the other side were known as amazing, and you had to change tactics to deal with it
  • Everyone was forced into the same power level (tests were focused, +/- 5 levels)

Of course, the game fell apart live because everything above stopped happening (among other reasons go read the posts tagged WAR if you are really interested).

I predicted 1,000,000 active subs and a huge success for WAR. I still stand by that based on the BETA experience. Of course, the LIVE experience sucked in comparison. I was so certain that it was going to be a hit, and that I would be playing it for 10 years, that I started making comics about the game.

To be clear, I have ZERO art skills, so was using rudimentary photo-shop skills. I had planned to carry the comic on for a while, but only got four done. I am re-releasing them in honor of WAR closing down. The first, is Hammerer  Ed. I focused my first 4 comics on the “cut” classes and the Hammerer was one of them. Existing in the “nether”, and having the makers of the game explain why they weren’t making the launch of the game.


(Click on the graphic to see it in full)

If you don’t know the game you probably won’t get it. Even if you do, you probably won’t find it funny =) Either way, it stands as my first (and last) foray into comic-ing and at bare minimum remains a reminder of the enthusiasm I had for this title. Shame it let me (and us) down so badly.

1 of 4! Three more comics to go. Will post them daily.


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