League S4 Goals – Failed!

And I am just fine with it. Taking the plunge and focus into ranked play, but starting at the bottom of the barrel was a LOT to overcome. The truth is the Solo Queue ranked system seems to rewards games played. Bad streaks, bad luck, whatever – as long as you plow through you’ll end up where you want to be.

I just ran out of time.


To test the whole ranking theory I leveled up a second account and it placed me a full league ahead – and didn’t force me to trudge through 200 games. So I actually *reached* my goals by not using the established system. It will be interesting to see if they work on improving that at all for season four. They already have a ton to work on with Jungle/Support fixes, items, a stale meta, etc. I did find two new champs I am deeply in love with playing – Lissandra (above) and I’ll save the second for my next post. Truthfully, I am even getting ‘meh’ on League.

I am accepting that I am not really a gamer like I used to be anymore. I used to keep up on the news, be excited for releases, try everything, get into every BETA possible… and now? I think I am just more of a hobbiest. I am coming to terms with that. What I am really excited for isn’t any upcoming game or title (well, for one there is another ‘memory lane title’, and another that won’t be out for years). The thing that has me excited again is seeing my old friend Wolfshead posting again. He is covering a bit on the next iteration on the EQ franchise and his initial observations seem to indicate that gamers like he and I should accept which gamers are being targeted now. And hey, even if they finally DID make the game I always wanted, having gone from hardcore to hobbiest, I’m not even sure if I would end up playing it anyway.




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