Dat Wukong (aka “That Wukong”)

Great observation by Zubon over at KTR, and I am living that efficiency. He hasn’t played ranked yet so he doesn’t share that you can use ‘Dat’ or ‘Dis’ in place of the proper words, and it looks like he won’t stick around to learn that part. Despite the trash, despite the hate, despite the racism, I still stick around League of Legends for the competition. It’s an interesting setup and gives you something to shoot for.

Once you have the requisite amount of champions (16) and levels (30) you can enter into the dreaded abyss that makes Barren Chat look like Sunday school and play Solo Queue Ranked games in League of Legends. Solo Q matches you with four random strangers on your team, and 5 random strangers on the other, after being “matched” through Riot’s super secret system. You then “discuss” what roles you want to play, throw together a team, and go off to get MOBA glory. If you win, you get League Points (LP). If you lose, you lose LP. The amount you gain or lose depends on who the secret matchmaker things should have won. Win a game that you are supposed to and you get little gains. Lose a game you are favored to win and see the points melt away.

Once you hit 100 points, you get put into a best of 3 situation to move up a League. I need to backup a second – BEFORE you enter ranked, you play 10 ‘placement’ matches which will put you in a skill group and category. Currently it goes from Bronze to Platinum, with each metal having ranks 5 through 1. I was placed in Bronze III. Back to the 100 points. Once you earn 100 LP in your bracket, you are put into a best of 3 situation. Win 2 of 3 and you move up the scale (for me, Bronze III to Bronze II) and once you get into the “I” division of your color, win a best of 5 and you move up to the next precious metal. Bronze to Silver to Gold and so on.

I just won my second of three placement matches and moved up to Bronze II and unlike MMO achievements, it actually felt like an accomplishment. Against the feeders, ragers, AFK’ers, and racists – I persevered and now have earned the distinction of a Bronze II League placement. I have set a goal to make Silver I so wish me luck.

And oh, although I still haven’t had 10 games without trash, I did reward Riot for enjoying this stint of games and bought a skin – General Wukong. I am 10-5 with him in ranked and am proving someone efficient with him.


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