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Brief programming note: this doesn’t count as my Blaugust post (obviously) but I am having a tech problem.

Pingbacks stopped working. My last pingback was May 21, 2o13 (when sorting through comments on the menu).

I don’t recall what (if anything) I changed then. I did notice that a few people HAVE tried to ping me back, but there is no notification for me and it just doesn’t work. I had always just assumed no one was tracking back, or pinging back.

This is a self-hosted WordPress blog with JetPack installed.

I am not good at these things, and I do have a friend who hosted this for me but I also figured I’d reach out to the community to see if anyone had any ideas. I tried everything I could (right boxes are checked on my end) for my non-technical expertise. My Google-fu wasn’t very helpful either.

If you have any suggestions or ideas would love to hear them!



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  1. Just to expand on my comment on the “SKYNET” post, I am now having issues commenting on several WordPress blogs. Whether that relates to the issues you’re seeing in Pingbacks I don’t know.

    I run NoScript at all times and that often breaks all kind of things so it could be that.

    1. I’m digging. Tried ambling/disabling all sorts of things but I think it has to do with my hosting somehow. I can’t upload pictures anymore directly (I have to use cloudinary).

      I’m not techie when it comes to the interwebs. I can put PC’s together and troubleshoot PC software for the most part with Google Fun, but this web stuff is driving me nuts.

  2. Very confusing, sorry to hear you are having issues.

    I’d first check that the default settings for discussions are to allow pingbacks. Discussion Settings >> “Allow link notifications from other blogs (pingbacks and trackbacks)” but this can be overridden in each post if needed.

    WordPress also hints that “Pings are automatically sent if you have selected to make your blog visible to everyone on the Settings -> Reading – > Site Visibility.
    If your blog is private or if you block search engines, pings will not be sent.”

    I wondered if it maybe worth checking your host didn’t block external requests to pingback functionality after the wordpress pingback ddos episode.
    The file will be xmlrpc.php but navigating to that appears to work correctly on your website.

    1. I checked those things and no dice – I really appreciate you coming to try and help. Once it is out of menu options its beyond me – my webmaster friend is going to take a look =)

      It couldn’t have anything to do with the theme, could it? I was thinking of trying that but that wouldn’t make sense to me.

  3. Another option it maybe worth trying is reinstalling the WordPress files install over the top of your existing site.

    It fixed a problem that I had with my site that I couldn’t seem to resolve.
    Just remember to back up your themes/ config /data.

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