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Like many bloggers I have a whole suite of post “drafts” – ones that I start and never finish. Periodically I am going to revive these posts, and finish them (or parts of them) even if they aren’t entirely relevant. Why? Why not! Sometimes I fire off a single thought (or several paragraphs) and then get pulled in separate directions, sometimes I just forget. These posts deserve to be finished (dammit!) – The dammit was for some sort of emphasis. Visually, I hand-fisted my desk when I said that (for relevancy). I will call these “Draft Necro” posts, in honor of when a forum Thread Necromancer does their thing.

I may even editorialize my own posts. Why did I write it? What was I thinking? Why didn’t I finish it?

This post, Hearthstone Classes, came to me during the Hearthstone Beta Test.  This post started getting written January 3, 2014.

The main crux of the post was this:

I am shocked you can’t personalize in Hearthstone. Not a lot of effort is in the character art (portraits) and I’d like to choose my favorite shaman when playing a shaman, favorite warrior, (etc.). I know they chose iconic classes but I just felt there was an opportunity here to make it more personal and interesting for players.

Hearthstone is a fun card game, and the complaint above (while minor) still rings true to me. The best part is that there isn’t even that much costs associated with it – just static artwork! At the end of the day, the minor complaint didn’t feel like it was a whole post in its own or really that worthwhile to discuss in the first place – not a lot of people are talking about Hearthstone in my circle of blogs, and admittedly its a pretty minor issue.

Anyway, I cleaned this one out of my drafts box without the delete box for a change – and now trying to sort out whether or not I should have just deleted it after all =)

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