Nodding Wistfully – RMT, Gold Farming, and Jared.

Nodding Wistfully is a newer post-type here that has little content, but refers to a fellow blogger’s content that I either agree with strongly, or think is a very worthwhile read. Yes, I’ve only done two of them so far, but plan on continuing them!

PlayNoEvil has a great annotated video interview posted up that is an interesting watch/read. I just noticed that it’s from end of October, and sadly I missed it up when it was posted. It’s an interview with a Gold broker for the secondary market in MMO’s.

While I think there are ample opportunities for developers to harness the income from the secondary market, and/or design better ways to slow the practice in their online theme parks, it’s good ‘other side’ perspective content to consume. It’s 40 minutes long, so at bare minimum just read the annotated portion.

Quick note on Vindictus and what they do to stop/stem hacked accounts – when you log in from a new IP address you can’t do anything negative to your character for a short time period. Can’t sell things, can’t destroy items, and can’t use the mailbox. I thought this was a pretty interesting, non-invasive way to slow down account theft. Figured that is worth mentioning along with the theme of the above post.

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