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I think I have mentioned it here before but worth bringing up again – if you like first person shooters and beta testing go apply for a slot as a Combat Tester.

I’ve been in the group since 2007 and have enjoyed access to several betas through them. A list of previous tests through them after the break.

Dead Space 2
Playstation 3

Medal of Honor
and Xbox 360
Beta support

O+ launcher,
Divine Souls,
Fists of Fu,

Bad Company 2

PC and PS3
beta support

EA Download manager,
EA’s Webstore

Desktop client

Rock Band
Alpha, Beta
and Load balancing
test support

Battlefield 2142
Alpha 1, Beta 1,
Beta 2, Patch 1.05,
1.10, 1.20,
Northern Strike BP,
1.40, 1.50, 1.51

Battlefield 2
v1.3, v1.4

They just sent me an email of a new, yet named (and probably won’t be able to be named for NDA purposes) exciting FPS title for the PC – the team that runs the site is very excited to get to test the title, and are looking for PC testers for it at this time. There will also be an X-box sweep in the near future.

I like this initiative, the CT crew keeps a stable roster of testers who they can count on to test, and companies contact them. I think it is far superior to just random invites and they do a good job of managing a positive testing environment and aren’t afraid to remove someone from the team for breaking rank and expectations. I say that in a gentle manner – it’s not like testing for a boss or anything – but obvious violations, or people who are hurting the test are removed (as should be expected).

I have participated at various levels – sometimes I don’t have the time or the fair interest to really dig into titles but I always enjoy working towards making better games, and although I haven’t been solidly hooked on a FPS since BF2142 I’m still waiting to be pleasantly surprised.

There is limited access to this “new and exciting” title so hurry along if you want a shot at getting in this phase. If you aren’t in a rush I still encourage you tester types to apply to be a member to get access to future tests.

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  1. This is awesome. I had never heard of combat testers before. Thanks for the info, I’m going to sign up now. I agree that it sounds like a much better way to beta test than the random invite system I see a lot these days.

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