Nodding Wistfully : Diku

A thankful nod to this article over at Qblog from Mr. Dr. Bartle. While I started my MMO adventures in EQ beta, I still didn’t understand where the holy trinity actually came from.  I’ve always disliked it, writing my own musings on how silly it all is, and the challenges of getting people to adopt something that may be different. Even if it is better.

I found the link through Zubon’s ‘Most Typical Member’ post over at killtenrats (which I’m not going to link directly, as this post doesn’t really add to his thoughts on the matter).

Read, enjoy, dream of change.

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  1. Corrected Brian – and thanks for the slides. Great stuff.

    @Cap’n: looking forward to seeing an LK kill done that way at level 85 of overpoweredness! =) Of course, all holy trinity is represented there (although not in full force) – Pets as tanks hunters as dps, and hunters as healers. Fun video though =)

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